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My Newly Redecorated Tank


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Hi everybody!

I have a 30 gallon tank for 3 goldies, a Blue Oranda, a Ribbontail, and a ranchu. I am filtering with an Eheim Classic 2213 and a HOB Eheim Liberty 200 for added gph capacity. I use an air diffuser that I bought from the Goldfish Connection. I change 20% of the water twice a week and treat fresh water with Prime, and clean with a mag algae eraser. I am using only 5 lbs of gravel, artifical plants, rocks and a pagoda as decoration. I also regularly test my water parameters. Let's hope my fish live long! :D

Here's a picture of my tank:


Thanks for looking. :rolleyes:

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Here my Baby. She was just 3 months old in this picture and she's been with me a month. She has little pompons and a healthy appetite. Her square little cheeks are so cute!



And here she is with Shang, my Blue Oranda.


Here's a sideview of Shang.


And of his cheeky looking face!


And finally, my queen with the flowing robes, Genevieve:



Here's a picture of her back side:


...And that's my goldies family. :D

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