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Ghost Shrimp


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i posted on tropical fish page but thought maybe it would do better here i have some bumble bee gobies and some of their food is too big for them to fit in there mouthes so i find myself cleening the bottom of the tank alot more often than id like to so iwas wondering if i could put a few ghost shrimp in there so i could have the sood eaten on the bottom. the tank is salted konow but i dnt have to slalt it(i usually dont) but i was wondering if they could go in the tank salted or if they could go in the tank with the bumble bees anyway. i thought thet were kind of cute and they would be somthing neat to get to clean off the bottom of the tank when the gobies let the foos fall down

mainly i was just wondering if they were compattable and if i would need to take the salt out of the tank

thanks for any information you can give me.

i noticed quite a few tipeing(sp?) errors(oops) so ignore them i am too lazy to correct them

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