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Kokos 29 Gal Salt Water Update.


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Wow Koko!

Your marine tank is just brimming with life! It's fascinating to think that you can have a little piece of living ocean - right in your home! It must be so satisfying to watch the pants and creatures grow and develop together over time - kind of like combining parenting, gardening and fish keeping, and rolling them together for one big wonderful hobby! Although, with tanks like yours, perhaps the term hobby just isn't a strong enough word!


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The little "mudskipper" looking guy is a scooter dragonet (usually sold under the name Scooter blenny, though it is actually a dragonet).

The spider thing is an arrow crab. I think those are soooo cool and I've wanted one for awhile. They tend to freak people out! :o

Koko your tank is doing so well and I'm jealous of how big and healthy your xenia are! Your other corals look fantastic, too. :D

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LOL Ooh, tell me more about the brine shrimp thing! Is it a hatchery or something? That sounds really cool!!

Oh this thing is so cool JS it hangs inside the tank, fill it with tank water, SW, then it comes with a scoop for the eggs, (eggs sold seperatly), then you need an air pump hock that up to it, then with in about 20 hours the fry swim to the opening which has a screen so that the fish in thank cant get in it and the Friday is having a ball with it now, Ill get a photo tomorrow for you :D

I got it at


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