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Oi Ophelia! I Think She's Egg Bound


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So, a couple of weeks ago she sprayed eggs all over the tank, I cleaned them out as best I could and let Hoover the bristlenose get the rest, I just don't have the time or money to care for fry right now. Lately, maybe the past week and half she's been bottom sitting.She probably spends 75% of her day on the bottom of the tank. She isn't breathing hard, she has meaty red gills, no pineconing, no odd poo or anything like that and she comes waddling as fast as she can when I feed them. The params are 0 ammo, 10 nitrate, 0 nitrite and 7.5 ph. I do weekly 80% waterchanges on my 55 gallon that houses Ophelia and Hamlet and Hoover the bristlenose. I run two Penguin 330s on the tank too. Today when I did the waterchange I gently picked her up to look her over for parasites and saw nothing (she is getting another orange spot right under her belly I noticed, oh well I learned my lesson about buying goldies for color patterns along time ago!) Anyway if you look at her from above she is lopsided. Her left side is extended more than the right and pretty noticably. Hamlet has been chasing her, not a lot but more than usual (he doesn't really understand personal space :rolleyes: ) Is there anything I can do for her or just let nature take its course?

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