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Just bought 2 baby goldies from local fish store two days ago. They don't look after the fish well so I chose the store to give them a chance in life. Have them in a 5 gallon quarantine tank wich has run for 6 weeks, which I cycled myself using household ammonia ( Ammonia and Nitrite zero) Nitrate <20. They will be going into a 30 gallon tank with Spot my Shubunkin of three years when I am sure they have no nasty hidden diseases or parasites.Tested the fish shop water and the Nitrate was very high- heading to 100!!! (the test strip was cerise pink) so they were probably living in a stressful environment. Noticed they have ICH. I read a great article by Rancu girl about salt baths some time ago and would like to read it again but the link wont work. Can anyone tell me about salt baths and also how to treat ICh preferably using salt as I dont want to upset the tank cycle with meds if pos. cheers. PS they do seem very happy in their new temporary quarantine tank , its really like the Hilton compared to the condtions of the pet shop.

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Hiya Woodstock - good on you for saving them... and quarantining them :D

The best method to cure ich is with 0.3% salt and it's really simple. The steps to try and follow are:

- add 1 teaspoon of salt with no additives per gallon (predissolved) = 0.1%

- then 12 hours after that, add a further tsp per gallon taking you to 0.2%

- then 12 hours later, add the last tsp salt per gallon which will take you to 0.3%

Then, once you're at 0.3%, if you have a heater spare, try to get the temps up to the 80degree mark so it increased the reproduction rate of the parasite and with a salinity level of 0.3%, it will destroy them as they hatch.

You can do salt baths but it won't have any affect on them as they bed under the skin of your fish, the only time salt will kill them is when they hatch so something more longterm is more beneficial. Then, once you're at 0.3% - keep this salinity level for a good 8 days after you see the last of them. One thing to note is it may look much worse before it looks better but the salt will work well to destroy them.

Also, keeping their water perfect will ensure no nasty secondary bacterial infections invade :)

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