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Help - Colour Or Blood?

Guest helen85

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Guest helen85

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me, at the moment I have 65 little fry, they are about four mouths old. I think they are stating to get there colours although I am not sure. They have splashes (like lines and dots) of orange/red on their fins, tails and under there chins. However the colour is so striking and strong, it almost looks like blood, like they have been having, but if they have I haven?t seen it. Please can someone help me in these matter I would be very grateful. The tank in question is 40L and has five fry in it; the fry are about 1/2inchs and under.



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Go to your LFS and buy an API freshwater master test kit which contains everything you need to test your water or take a water sample from the tank to the LFS and ask them to test it and write down the results don't take they are fine as an answer then post results here :)

In long run its best to have your own test kit as weekly water testing is important in maintaining good quality water.

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Guest helen85

Ok my dat did the water test,

Temp - 68?F to 74?F.

Ammonia - No Trace.

Nitrite - No Trace.

Nitrate - < 20ppm.

pH - 7.2 to 7.6

GH - 8 to 15.

KH - 5 to 12

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