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My Goldfish Eggs

Guest BayBeeBoiz2

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

hey guys...look at my fish!!!!! :D great huh...we werent able to show all..the camera was mostly wanting a pic of the water and aquarium...lol

but those are my babies:P...the parents are the one thats facing the other dirrection and the one in the front on top is the momma... :P cool eh :) the babies are getting pretty big...you can se the tunts to..lol

told ya there all different sizes....ok guys have a good night...im off to play my game:P

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

thx johnny!...i wish i coulda shown more of the babies:P..my grandpa couldnt really zoom in either....maybe thats why everyone elses babies look so much bigger :(

lol...anyhow..i dont thing i ever posted to let you guys know about the 3 new fish i got..lol

i have the 2 new fantails you see in the pic and also a black moore thats hidng somewhere:P

i got bigger fish than the ones i had...only because mine seem to get a lil teratorial.lol..i wanted to give then new ones a head start :rofl

anyhow...im in love with all of emmm. :)

ohh and next time my grandpa posts some pics i will be sure to get a full one of the tank!i love my tank too...lol

the babies are doing really well...i notice i have aroun 40....im guessing the bigger ones are still getting a lil more food than needed :blink:

anyhow...im thinking of getting ANOTHER new tank!

not sure yet im gonna have to find some space and room somewhere..lol...i kinda just want to seperate my bigger fish for now...im thinking maybe my smaller ones just are getting a good enough chance to eat..hmmmm

anyhow i will keep you guys posted and i will get some more pics out hopefullywithin a couple 3 weeks:)

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

hey guys just wanted to stop in and give update!

my babies are doing great right now....as usual.

they are getting alot bigger and e i also started feedibng them differently than usual.

i now have 3 tanks and my 3rd one has some frogs in them...woooohoooo :D

anyway...i got them tropical goldfish flake food to feed them so i decided that maybe i would give it a try with my baby fry......well they love it!!!

so now i go back and forth between reg. goldfish flakes ,tropical goldfish flakes,baby brine srinp and first bites fry food.the best i have come up with is the tropicals though...they love it.plus it keeps my tank alot cleaner then the rest...maybe because they eat it up so fast ;)

any way i started to the same feedings to my bugger fish but dont really tell a difference in them...theyll eat anything i suppose.i finally got on a good scedule though and its working real well....i change all my tanks every 2-3 days...30%-50%....around there...and every 2 weeks i do complete change.

it is working very well for me so far:) and my fish are healthy healthy healthy:P

i will be sure to keep my updates..guess what...i think my fish are around 2 months now:P

yayy!! pretty soon im going to get them some stuff for there tank...you know ornaments and rocks and plants.its tiring looking at glass im bet.

ok well hope everyones week goes well..ill post in another week or so:)


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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

guys guys...babies are doing great...1 died a few days ago..but other than that they seem to be gorwing daily:)

i have about 5 really big ones that are gold and all already...i have never seen them eat like this til i got tropical goldfish flakes...really cool.

i feed them oonce a day and its at night time...by morning there is no food laft...so im gonna start feeding them morning and night like i do with my others.

im thinking that they already need a bigger tank though...hmm

anyway i will keep the updates i have a lot to do today so i cant babble on and on..lol

everyone have a good weekend :exactly

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