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My Goldfish Eggs

Guest BayBeeBoiz2

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

my babies are doing pretty good wessie thx for asking.

i thought i would stop in and give you guys an update.

im real happy today my mother inlaw gave me 100dollars for earlt christmas present so i went and got a new fish tank and bubbler for my babies

now i have my parents in a tank and thebabies:P

some did die changing them to other tank but most made it.i still have around 30 or 40 of them....much much bigger...wow

i have 2 in with the parents just for a test.i only see one now but who knows maybe the other one is still in there.it has been an hour at least and the parents havent eaten the one i see.

how big do you think they need to be before putting them in with the parents?

anyhow they are doing good and seem very happy in there new tank...the parents too...they are going nuts:P

i cant say i blame them though...they have been cupped up for a while now.

oh i also got some aqua safe i think its called...so when i do water changes it sooths the water and makes it so it is healthier...yayyy

hubby didnt say anything ..lol...hes not to thrilled with having 2 10 gallon tanks in the house lol

we have a kinda small home and with 2 kids it feels kindof crouded...my older son just started saying fish:P

sooo cute..they love em too..he will just stand there and stare at them...i think mostly the decorations:)

ok i will be sure to post again soon..sooner than this last time.

i like what they did with the forum dont you?christmas is great!!!

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  • Regular Member

I would definetely not put the parents in with the fry, not yet anyway. I have even seen bigger fry eat smaller fry, so it is very possible that a huge number of your fry will disappear when the parents are in, especially since there aren't any hiding spots for the fry in the tank.

Have you looked into getting a sponge filter into the fry tank? It is a rather simple thing, not looking like a filter at all. It is connected to an airpump, and does mostly biological filtration. Which means, in its huge sponge it will hold beneficial bacteria that will take care of the ammonia and nitrites. Because of the suction is creates it will also collect fish waste under its sponge, where you can syphon it out easier. Lets see if I can find a picture of a sponge filter.... :)

Got it!


That is the smallest variety, but they come in much bigger sizes. If you want to cycle them instantly, just wash out any filter media from any filter you have into a bucket, and then squeeze the sponge filter in it, so it soaks up a lot of the brown gunk. Voila, instant colonization of beneficial bacteria! :happydance

You can get a regulation valve, that gives you the possibility of how strong you want the airflow through the airpump and out into the sponge filter. The bigger the fry are, the more they can handle. Since yours are already a few weeks old, they should be doing just fine with a little more airflow. :)

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

thx wessie..im hopeing to keep that many.ty ranchu girl i finally know what a sponge filter looks like...lol

i dont know why i never looked it up before...hmm...

the babies are still doing good in new tank.im gonna go ahead on the 10th and get a sponge filter.luckily i have a air pumpfrom my bubbler:P

its funny even though i didnt do so bad on my fry if i ever wanted to do it again i wouldnt even remember all the stuff ive done...most of the care was from worrying:P

i have noticed thatome of them do fight with eachother though...it crazy you say that because just yesturday i noticed for the first time.

some of my fries are double the size of my others...around half and half.and last night i seen one kinda get tangled with another one ...so it looked and it almost looked like it just bit the other one...confuzing?

lol..i kinda made me mad..i was thinking its hard enough to keep you guys alive with out you guys causeing the deaths...lol

i didnt stick around but a couple minutes...after the one attacked the other i watched the attacked one...it floated for a while but then wiggled so it wasnt dead.how do you make it so your fry are the samesize?lol that sounds funny....i mean can i put bigger ones in seperate tank and feed less?

so the smaller ones can grow as big

really all my fish seem healthy though and all very happy.they go everywhere together.could it just be there sex?

i have realied that the bigger ones are my 3 tailed ones and they have much bigger stomach.maybe they are just like there mom..lol..or dad

its weird my mommy is smaller than the dad...i thought at first they were opposite sex but nope.my bigger wider finned one is the daddy.maybe hes just older who knows.

yup the 10th we get paid and im going to get a sponge filter :exactly

i will keep in touch.one were dead the smorning :o

maybe that water smoother really did help...i was a lil skeptical about putting it in the water.i put half the recommended dose and said what the hay.IT WORKED!!!

ok talk to you later.

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

yes fish i think i could...it might take me a while though....when we moved hubby did something with the photocopier...hmmf...so as soon as i get my pics developed and find that printer you bet im gonna post some...i took quite a bit even from eggs to around a week old..so i need to get another camera too:P

i will look in storage for the printer today hopefully within a week...eek...i can get some posted.

that might be pushing it though..lol


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  • Regular Member

Sounds like things are going well still.

I don't think there is a whole lot you can do about your fry being different sizes. They just grow at different rates. If you get to the point where some are much much larger where they could eat the smaller ones, then I'd try and get (yet another!) tank.

Keep us posted. Looking forward to some pics! :exactly

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

thx fantail..im trying to talk my grandpa into posting some pics for me using his comp..lol

he had a camera that he uses with his so hopefully he will let me.

now its just getting him down here :rofl

ill be posting soon ...hopefully with pics :)

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

hey guys...just checkin in with ya...my babies are doig great not 1 has died since i put them in tank with a bubbler...i can wait to show pics...my grandma got in a accident so she is taking her car to the shop on monday..tomarro.

hopefully gandpa will be coming over after that to take pics...then i will post them from his comp.

they are really getting big:P

finally they look like actual fish..hehe

not as big as tetas yet but a couple arnt too far from it..i think those are my big guys...you will see soon..

i have a question real quick...how do you clean the food from the bottom?

the water is and has been clean but when i go to try and get the food out it just goes everywhere and cloud the water...blah

i have used sucktion bottles but that picks up my fry as well and nets do not work...any suggestions would be nice thx guys..ill post again soon...lol...hopefully with pics :bingo:

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

hey thx alot jhonny five..you just made my day :D

yup hoping very shortly to get these pics out..hehe im so exited:P

im gonna also post pics of the parents they are just beautiful!!!

at least to me:P

dont you think its a lil odd they survived out of the other 2?lol it just seems odd

but meant to be :exactly

ok welp ill be checking in again later...have a good weekend everyone!

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  • Regular Member

When I cleaned my fry tank, I used some air line tubing. I connected it with a rubber band (or something like that can't remember) to a spatula to make it so it wouldn't bend. I then used that like a mini gravel vacuum, sucking up the gunk on the bottom. Some of my fish were still small enough to fit in the airline tubing so I emptied the water into a bucket so if I accidently sucked up a fish, he would go into the bucket and not down the drain.

Does that make sense? :unsure:

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

thx ab bucnh fantail..i have a gravel vac now i need yo see about getting a smaller one..you made perfect sence..i think thats gonna be my next mission:P

and thank johnny five sorry about the name misspell last time..lol

i think that may be true:P

babies are doing great as usual:)

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

ohh noooo you guys...bad bad bad bad bad...

i just turned on my lights..usually i do it at night because its kinda dark in the hallway always..but since i forgot to turn the lightson last night i did the smorning..ugg..i found one of my biggest babies and it had something funny out his mouth

i was looking closer and found it was another baby...the eyes were poked out his mouth but for at least 5 minutes it went around fighting this baby with it in his/her mouth..

my giants are eating the babies...

i do have alot of runts as i call them...they have barely grown and hardly have tummies at all...like they are still 2 weeks old..then i have about 5 or 6 that look like actual goldfish now...lol

the one i just cought doing that is the biggest one in the tank and already is turning gold...we are talking about a bigggg belly here guys.there is no way on earth my hubby is gonna let me get a new tank.

at least i know now why there haveny been any dead...grr they have been eaten.i thought there didnt seem to be the same amount.

oh my goodness...if i were to move them i would move the smaller ones only because the bigger ones id rather have alive and i have the equiment in the tank.

i know that prolly sounds bad but i can tell from the size of some of them they are meant to be feeder fish.

should i just wait it out and see what ones survive...thats so horrible but im thinking that might just be the best thing i can do..of course if im going to do this i might as well not feed them as much.they are all only about a month and a half now so im not sure...

some might just be a lil slow and small...

see what i think of when i got my lil guys is my oldest son is huge..i mean huge lol

you would guess him around 4 years old and he just turned 2..he is 55 pounds and 3 and a half feet tall

then we have my 1 year old and he is pretty small like you would guess him at like 8 months old and only 22 pounds..and i kinda feel the same way about my fry...some are smaller and some are big...i dont want to just let my small ones die because they are small...lol...does this make since?

im prolly just being over sensitive about it.but i would like for all of them to get a chance to live.

this part about raising fry really bites.

does anyone have any suggestios for me please...i could use some help here...thx a bunch!!!!

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

wow...i didnt even think about that johnny...thx a bunch..thats the first thing im gonna do:P

we get paid on the 25th so im gonna have to wait itout till them but yayyy...i got an answer to my problem..thx a bunch bunch bunch!

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

ohh great i think i found something else that i want too:P

ohh boy...when i want something it takes alot for me not to get it..lol

in this case it is a newt....haha...a newt.

even a cute name :rofl

anyways..im off to go study this new newt creature..loli wont be able to get one till income tax but still...something else to look forward to...maybe

oooh i wonder if they have babies too...lmao

ok ok...getting ahead of myself here..muahhaha

talk to you guys soon..ill let you all know about my findings also ;)

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

welp..in the little time of reading i found out some stuff and im not ok with..lol

they are pretty facinating creatures though.

i found that there skin is actually toxic and if you were to eat one it can kill you...not that im planning on eating one...but my kids might get a lil curious...i decided 100% not worth the risk :exactly

as for them though they can regrow anything from eyeballs to legs ...pretty cool huh....also it prolly isnt even wise unless your very careful to have them as a pet because the oils in our skin are actually toxic to them...go figure.

we can kill eachother..lol

anyhow..bad idea...lol.....mannn they were so cool too:P

ok well.....now i have to go find another tank creature that i can want...lol

or perhaps another kind of fish...this got all my curiousity going.

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

phh my goodness you guys....im happy now!

i asked before but dont think anyone got back to me on wether or not i can change to reg gf flakes...well i didcided to try it...beeing that i stopped feeding for a day...and i was right they were not eating bbs anymore/as much ...grr

so i crumpled up some flakes ..verrrry small and put it in there...wow...my smaller ones have bellies too now...at least all but a couple :o

yayy :exactly

hopefully this is of some help to whoever has fry also...i guess you can start feeding them flakes at a month and a half.

i am completely shocked you guys.i mean its amazing to me really...some just didnt have bellies or anything and then i got my huge ones.

it has only been a couple days and WOW...my small ones look average :D

anyhow...i still havnt talked to my grandpa since 2 weeks now..im gonna call him today...i really wanna get some pics out there before they are big....er....lol

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

hey guys!!! great news....my grandpa is coming over after dinner to take some pics.wooooohooooo!

im gonna alsosee if he will post some of the parents too:p

ok see ya soon...just wanted to give you something to look forward to :D

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