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My Goldfish Eggs

Guest BayBeeBoiz2

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

hello...i am new to this site and new to taking care of fish..kinda

i have 4 goldfish..i started out with 2 and just got 2 more

my first 2 i have had for about 4 months now they are growing like crazy..i love it! :)

anyway...this is the second time my 2 (gold) golsfish have laid eggs together..i was told it was hard in a tank but i guess they really like eachother..lol

the first time i was totally not ready and i had them in a kinda bowl for the moment trying to get my tank ready for the other 2 i was getting.

they laid eggs..i didnt even have rocks or anything in the bowl so they laid the on the bottom...well i couldnt move them and they ended up dying...they were stuck to the floor of it

i was very upset

anyway now they are in there tank and i have 3 plants in there

i think when my girl laid her eggs that she meant to lay them on the plant..some made on the plant and some stuck to my rocks.they are the half marble rocks not small...

i just dont want to lose my eggs again...i have them in a bowl right now..and instead of taking them off of where they landed i just took the rocks and plant they were stuck to...didnt want a repeat of last time...

now im scared..lol

i dont know how to hatch these lil guys or what temp or anything...i know to feed them brine shrimp or liquifry

but it would really help if someone could tell me...i have read alot but cant help looking at them every 5 minutes..lol

i wont leave them alone.

so ok...is it ok that they are on the rocks? what temp should i have them at? how long til they hatch?there are a few that arnt sticking to things after i moved them...are they ok?

i dont have filter...should i change there water?

i have alot more questions..i think it would just help if you could tell me everything about what you know...tyvvvvvm

sorry suck a long message.please get back to me soon...before its to late.

oh and also how big aquarium do i need to get?

i only got around 40 eggs out cause they ate the rest..grrr

ok ok ty

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Hello and Welcome to Koko's!!

Congrats on the eggs! It's so much fun raising fry.

Here is a good link to read that will answer many of your questions:


Give it a read and then if you have more questions, please ask away!! :exactly

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BayBeeBoiz2 - Congrats. Don't worry let the eggs go because you are not ready. Next time make sure you are ready with 2-3 tank for breeds.

I would prefer 3 tank

1 main tank if you find male and female chasing ?

2 Move male and female into other tank 20 gal I think better without gravel because you can find eggs easy, they spawn, then move parents back to main tank

3 ( Not sure ) no one explain me how ? :madrant Move eggs into small tank with about water 6" with right water temp and right foods etc etc Later move back to tank 20 gal grow into bigger then join to main tank if ya want keep some and the rest sold to pet shop or friends something...

Lot of work :fishtank:

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

thx wessie for posting...umm i ended up getting too worried and moved them back in the tank i moved my others to a very large tub for now.

umm yes they were just one breed. those 2 are always going at it :P

i would really like to try and keep the babies though...i couldnt possibly throw them away or something

hopefully all works out well.

i have a 10 gallon coming tomarro..i know its not big enough but just for now i need something.

im going to read that article real quick and thanks again.

ill keep you all posted...ohh hehe i almost forgot...i looked woth a magnifying glass and i can see lil black specks in them..yay!!! i only saved around 20 rrrmm...the parents arnt the ones that were eating them its my other 2...they are kinda grouchy... :(

anyway...my guy is still chasing her..should i seperate them?

he wont leave her alone..lol

also im pretty sure although i wasnt there that is was my 2 older ones..simply becase my other 2 dont seem big enough to lay eggs yet....they are not quit 2 inches

can they mate?

ok well im off..i forgot again how long do you think if they are going to hatch it wil take?i keep temp around 74-78

my house is always real warm so its hard to keep it much lower.ok thx bye

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

wow tyvvvm fantail

i read itand it helped alot..hmm so is there a reason why they should be kept in about 6 inches of water?

im just wondering cause now i put them back in the ank..ugg

im just going to take water out.

also how do you cycle a tank? like i said before i dont know what im doing so sorry if i am bothering you.

also are the rocks my fish are stuck to ok as long as i clear the rest of the rocks out?

ok ty much

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wow tyvvvm fantail

i read itand it helped alot..hmm so is there a reason why they should be kept in about 6 inches of water?

Yes so the water don't crush on tiny fry, 6" water better surivied for fry. :)

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

ok wessie ty..maybe i shoulda known that...lol

well i woke up the smorning and found one of my new fish dead....maybe te water change?

anyway my other new one dont look to good either...for some reason the ones i have had seem to be doing great though...why is this?

im thinking you were right all along..i really wanted the baby fry but not if its gonna hurt my already living ones.

thx for your replies

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

well to day things are looking alot better than yesturday...with my telescope ican see even better now...

i have alot more eggs than i though..i counted 40 eggs that i could see 2 eyes and a body in :)


now im just waiting for them..ohh im soo happy.ill keep you guys posted when they hatch and stuff...ty everyone for your help.

oh yeah its cool when i look at them close with my scope they look like lil smiley faces.. :P

they have a black line going in a lil circle then the 2 eyes

soo cool :)

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

i almost forgot to mention in the tank that im keeping my eggs in i was windering if i should take out my

filter? will it suck them up when they hatch..ok thx for your help.

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WAter quality is really what the WHOLE thing is all about in fish keeping. Your breeding adults will need pristine water to breed well and to breed again. Breeding is hard work -so they need good water, good food etc. Filteration is ESSENTIAL.

Eggs and fry need filtration, too. But they cannot deal with the strong currents and intakes of a standard filter. Careful water management of a fry tank is also essential. One of the easiest tools to use for this is a sponge filter. These are a tube that is inside a wrap around sponge system. An air bubbler bubbles up the tube, and the gentle currents of the water that are drawn through the sponge by the bubbles will filter the water. The sponge should be "cycled" - contain beneficial bacteria that process the fish waste, and will keep the fry tank healthy and clean.

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That's great news!

And, yes, please let us know when they hatch. Should be any day now. Keep in mind that you don't need to feed them right away. I think it was 3-4 days. The fry should be free swimming before you feed them.

PS the black line that's going around in a circle is their spinal cord :o

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well to day things are looking alot better than yesturday...with my telescope ican see even better now...

i have alot more eggs than i though..i counted 40 eggs that i could see 2 eyes and a body in :)


now im just waiting for them..ohh im soo happy.ill keep you guys posted when they hatch and stuff...ty everyone for your help.

oh yeah its cool when i look at them close with my scope they look like lil smiley faces.. :P

they have a black line going in a lil circle then the 2 eyes

soo cool :)

YAY !!!!

Please keep update about your fry :heart

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

well gues what everyone...my lil guys hatched yayyy.they hatched yesturday and my comp crashed onme

i must have misscounted big time..lol

yesturday i counted around 25 and the smorning they were all/most attched to the wall of the aquarium and i counted 75...wow

i have no idea what im gonna do with all of them...my mother in law said she would take a few.

i have ben so scared this whole time because i heard that they are very hard to raise..i know from my fish they are verrry strong.. i can believe how small they are..i seen pics and thought they would be bigger..not.

i can see them better today.all im doing right now is keeping the temp at 78 lke it was when they were laid.

it has been hard because i dont have a tank heater..should i get one?

i am always sweating to death..lol..id rather be hot than them die though

jeeze i only expected like 5 to live or so...eeek

they all look great so far i havent noticed anything wrong with them other than they will swim for a sec and fall then swim and fall...is this because they dont have alot of power yet?

they all have 2 eyes andi can see microscopic fins in the front when i look with my scope...i am so happy guys.sorry i keep going on but this is just amazing.i have kept the light on for a whole day now..im hoping it will help with the wormth..is this ok or should i turn it off at night time as usuall with my other fish?

anyway..i dont know who all lives in washington but if you do post to me id behappy to give some away..

i dont want to takethem to the store...i got my fish from nnnnnn and i heard they dont do to well with taking care of them.mine were in great condition when i got them but i also dont want them to be fed to other gold fish...grrr

the mom and dad are very fat and long so i know they are going to make great fish.

ohh i just love em already :D

ok well i also got some frozen baby brine shrimp yesturday they come in cubes and with 75 baies at least...how much should i feed them of it?

i know i cant feed them till tomarro at least.its driving me crazy :newfish

ok also any tips would be helpful.ty everyone for your help...im going to look into getting a sponge filter today.also i havent changed there water...should i?

i have a lil i mean trying to keep the temp right i will take a cup out at a time and put a cup of warm water in but other than that.

when can i change the water?

ok ty ty ty

hehe im soooo happy! :exactly

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  • Regular Member

First of all a big CONGRATS!! It is very exciting, huh?!

Now I'll try and answer a few of your questions:

I think it would be much easier for you if you did get a heater. They are not really very expensive--especially the small ones for little tanks. What size tank are they in?

Yes, they can't swim far because they are so small. You'll notice a huge improvement even over the next few days.

I would not have the light on in the tank at all yet or perhaps just a few hours a day. They are very very sensitive to light at this point.

I would feed the babies very small amounts 4-6 times per day. You'll have to just kinda guess at first. Start with a very small amount and see how long it takes them to eat it. You don't want a lot of leftover food rotting away in the tank. Another good food to feed is Hikari First Bites. It's a powdery-type first food that is excellent for fry.

As far as water changes--do you have a test kit? I would test for ammonia and nitrites (ammonia especially). Once you start feeding them, you'll want to watch that ammonia reading like a hawk. Even the slightest non-zero reading, you need to change out some water. It's going to be very important to match the temp and pH. If you could use tank water from the parents' tank that would be good, jsut make sure to match the temp.

Good luck and have fun! ;)

Also, keep in mind that even though you have 75 or so fry now, many of them will probably not survive. It doesn't mean you're doing things wrong. It jsut happens. Some will be too weak to compete. Others will develop deformities that are incompatible with life. But it may not be a bad idea to think about what you'll do if several of them survive!!

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

ty fantail..i did get a heater today ad now im not sure if i should keep it in there..lol

it is 75 wats..wont that fry them?

well it sais it is right for my size tank but it just seems a lil hot to me..i dont want them to land on it.

my tank is a 10 gallon for now.christmas is coming up next month so i know ill be getting a bigger one from my hubby :bingo:

none of my precious babies have died yet...that i know of.they started swimming alot more today :D

as for water quality...eek...i dont know where to start.

im going to look into getting a water checker today or tomarro(have to keep bribing hubby)

i couldnt help it yesturday i fed them 1 cube of baby brine shrimp.its funny because when i got my heater i also got that same fish food:P..just to give them a variety.im still a lil spooked on the feedings though.

i fed them again the smorning 1 cube.they dont seem to even notice the food though..it just drops to the bottom and they dont care.i noticed my water is getting pretty yukky right now.i think im gonna change some of it..i have to.its getting nasty.a line developed around my tank where the water has been set...any ideas of what to use to clean it? i think ill try just a wet wash cloth for now.

they are doing great..i wish there was a way to move them to my bowl.i feel bad for my other fish for not having there tank.these lil guys are sure awsome though...i can wait for them to get bigger :P

they have grown alot though..they had a sorta color to them now..and i can actually see them without skuinting.(not a good speller) :P

anyway thx for your replies...ALL OF YOU!!!

and i will keep you posted..i think im gonna do a 20% water change...is that ok?

please get back to me asap about the heater though...i almost forgot..i looked into sponge filters..my store doesnt know what im talking about.they did however have a pad thingy that they said you can cut out and put in your filter...will that work? i didnt buy it because i want to know for sure first.

ok well tank to you later.bye:)

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

ok well i went and got the ammonia and nitrite tests...eek.my tank i think was ok..at least according to the box but this is already after i changed about 30%of there water

nitrites were 10 and ammonia was .5..i decided to test my poor other fishies water and it wasnt good.

the nitrites was 20-40 and the ammonia was 1.0 to 2.0...i then changed there water a did the tests again and it did get better but still not so good.it was 10 for nitrites and 1.0 for ammonia...jeeze i hope i got that right :blink:

do you think maybe some of this could be my water?

i heard somewhere that ammonia is in water...hmm...

i really dont think i have fed my fish too much allthough i do worrie and give em an extra nibble here and there.

i dont see what i could be doing wrong..ugg :whatjust:

well now that we figured out i have a problem...how do i fix it?

what am i supposed to buy to make this better?

im going to change there water everyday for a few days...nothing dramatic just 20%.

maybe thatll help em out.

any helpfull tips i would appreciate.

thx guys

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Jeez, I'm watching you love your update. Please keep update. :heart I can't help you because I never experinced with fry before. :bingo: I think you keep watch if fry died too many you need something to fix with your water unless all your fry still alive and busy for eating ? you are good. :whatjust:

Edited by Wessie
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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

ty wessie..im still learning as i go :P

i havent counted any dead yet...happy happy happy :D

they seem to love the heater i put in too:P

most of em went over to the coner next to the heart all together and have been there since.

i fed them some of the new fishfood i got...just a lil bit.

they seemed to like it better than the brine shrimp..woohoo now we are getting somewhere:)

i have the heter set at 75-76 now instead of 78 i figured thats a nice temp...i go swimming in colder water than that :exactly

its soo cool i was watching them for a while and they seem to move to the same place together:P that pretty neet.i wonder if they know they are brother and sister..hmm...

ok well i didnt get much sleep yesturday so i think im gonna head that way now.

i will sure continue to keep you all posted...so far so good :krazy:

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

hehe..im up again:P

wessie my tank is a 10 gallon and i have around 6 inches of water in it. my fry have gotten bigger maybe its time to fill the tank back up.i still count 75 of them but i know im still not counting them all...lol

i was told to keep the water low because it might squish them.

do you think maybe i could fill it up some more now?

ok well ill post some more tomarro im gonna go check on my fishies and go back to sleep. :exactly

bye for now:P

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

hello aain..just checking in with everyone.

my fish are still doing great and they stay in the water now instead of on the side of the tank.

they have grown a ton.wow

now where there used to be just one line and 2 eyes there is a line and a line going to there stomach.


i am going to go search and see if i can put a lil more water in there tank.maybe just give them a lil more room and some better water...im still working on it.

its kinda hard to keep track what one has eaten and the ones that havent.

i guess ill just keep hoping that they are getting enough.i assume they are because i only put a lil bit of food in and some is still left after a few hours.

all the effort ,money and work has really been worth it...its incredible to be able to hatch and raise fish :heart

ill will keep you guys posted.and will proly have some more questions in the near future:P

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

hello...i just did a 50% water change...i read somewhere else that it is good for them just not tooo often yayyy

then i checked the water again...its stilll .5 nitrites and 1.0 ammonia...grrr

i guess thats not to bad though.i mean every time i check them thats what it is and they are still alive.

although i did notice since i did such a big water change that there were some that didnt even make it out of there egg:(

it was kinda upsetting...i counted about 10 or so.i guess thats not so bad since i still have alot.

i cant count them anymore.lol they wont stay still.

im going to do another 20% change tomarro then the next day im gonna do 50% again...i want there water better thhan it is. :exactly

im soo proud you guys...i have babies:P...i do hafta say though i dont think i will be doing this again for a while...lol

ok well any tips and suggestions are always appreciated:)

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

hello..i have been kinda busy the last few days:P

anyway happy halloween everyone.

i did my water change yesturday...i decided to take the rocks out because it didnt seem like they were getting clean with my water changes....it was a big mess!!! :krazy:

i was taking my water out by the cup full first just to make sure i didnt get fishes.pretty much with every cup i grab there are a few fish in it..lol so i have got pretty good at dumping the water without the fish:P

until yesturday anyway...grr

so i was doing my water changes and when i finally got through with that i had lost 2 fish down the drain:(

thats not all....when i went to take my rocks out(very hard)..i was very careful but still i ended up killing 2 babies.i felt so bad...somehow i just didnt see them in the rcks or whatever...idk

then this smorning i found 3 :blink:

pretty crazy huh.

poor lil guys.im just happy thats over with...no more rocks.

i cant decide whats better haveing not so good water or changing the water too much?

what should i be more careful of?

its really hard because i ant them to have better water so they live.but with my water hanges i lose around a fish a day...eeek

not everyday but lately

shouldnt they be getting stronger right now?

anyway...im only gonna do a 20% today.i fed the the smorning and maybe after water change i will feed them again.

maybe im just missing something.i have pretty much told you guys everything i have done.

is there anything i can do different?

ok well my family is on there way so i will post again prolly tomarro...any advise? please..

everyone enjoy the holiday:)

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Awesome update. Don't worry some babies will die due to weak something :blink:

I think best leave water for more days. I always nervous when change water. If you think need change water ? Remove water little as possible. Babies are very sensitivity.

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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

hello...thx wessie im gonna wait a couple day like you suggested and do 10% water chages at a time...good thinking

so far the babies are doing pretty good.

im still losing some here and there but like you said...im getting rid of the weak ones:(

i still have about 60 or 65 so i guess it wouldt hurt to lose a few more.

there tummies i can see very clearly and they have already started to turn orange:P

they are getting huge.yayy.

i am feeding them a lil more nowadays...mostly the baby brine shrimp.its cool to watch they all huddle aroung where the shrimp drop so it actually looks like one big fish:P

i see there mouths eating now and some of them have 3 fins..the parents have 3 fins also but some of the babies only have 2.

im hoping its ok and there arnt deformed or something.i heard or maybe read in this forum somewhere that some just dont get alot of fins right?

anyways they seem real healthy to me other than waking up and finding some dead ocationally.

maybe because winter is kicking in and it gets in the 20's over here

they have a heater though.hmmm..

they are about a quater inch now...yayy...im doing something right :rolleyes:

ok well im gonna post again soon and let you know more whats going on....next pay day im going to be getting a filter that will be good for them...i had mine and cleaned it yesturday and now when i plug it in it wont even run...grrr

ok welp have a good weekend everyone:)

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