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My Tank Was Getting Covered In Ich


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Its official my whole tank is covered with ich :( and today I noticed my goldfish had some shiny white dots on some parts on her body. She's in a 10 gallon tank so i just put in my first dose of salt (10tps) at 7pm. tomorrow morning i'll put in another 10 tps.

I havent had a heater in the tank before is there a process to raising the temperature in the tank properly? its a 65 degrees F and I need to get it to 80. Do I need to wait for the water to become .3 concentration before i turn on the water heater? at the moment the whater heater is just sitting in the tank not turned on.

Today there wer'nt that many ich on the goldfish it looks like 5 at the moment how long does this process take.

No lights except for feeding and cleaning

.3 salt concentration

and daily syphoning.

when I do the syphoning how much of a water change will i be doing?

How can I clean my cleaning equipment? with soap and hot water? Im sure the ich is in the cleaning equipment

- thanks :)

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The first thing to do with ich is get the salinity to 0.3% and once it's at this level, then you can switch on the heater - otherwise the warmer temps will speed up cycle before you have enough salt in your tank to kill them.

Also, when syphoning during an ich infestation - the best way to look at it is vacuum as much as you need to to ensure you've done the whole tank. So if that's 25% or even 50%, just make sure to calculate the amount of salt you need to add back to take you to the current salt level.

When my tank had ich, i ended up filling a bucket with all the equipment I use and poured in boiling water. Bleach is also a good idea :)

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Guest gFishOnTheBrAiN

tmntfan - What did you mean when you wrote, "... my whole tank is covered with ich"? Did you see something in the tank before you saw spots on your fish?

I can't find anything about how quickly or slowly to raise the temperature. No matter what you decide, it's a good idea to make sure you maintain good oxygen levels in the tank, as warmer water carries less oxygen.

~ Tre

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The best way to heat your tank is set it to the temperature you want and leave it. How many watts is your heater? If it's a small 50 watt, then it will raise the temp slowly enough :)

I've found when heating my tank, it takes hours to get to the desired temperature so it's raised slowly. But if you have a high wattage heater, start by setting it to 22 degrees and once it's at this temp, raise it again to 24-26 degrees.

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