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Is It Safe?


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Do you have other stuff in your filter that has built up some bacteria on it? If not, you may want to throw some in and in the period of time that you're moving, take the gravel out to rinse little by little.

I'd be most worried about a cycle crash, so if you have the time to stretch out moving the fish and the tank, I'd say take advantage of it to create a temporary barebottom.

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oh, so you suggest that i make my tank barebottom and then clean it little by little?, and my filter has built up bacteria

If you have the time to take out the gravel little by little. A lot of your cycling bacteria live on the top surface of your gravel, so if your bio-filter's bacteria can't take over the job of cleaning the ammonia and nitrate if you remove all your gravel at one time, it can cause your parameters to jump.

How're your filters right now? Do you have lots of foam or bio-media in there? If so, maybe they could handle removal of your gravel for a period of time -- if you need to move the tank quickly.

How much gravel do you have? Do you really need to rinse it out when you move? Can you put it in a big bucket with aquarium water and devote a whole day to just moving the fish and the tank to the new place so you can just reintroduce the gravel?

Hehe, I might be making this more complicated than it needs to be.

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