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Petshop From Hell!


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Today my family and i were travelling to visit family in a town 3 hours away from our town. We decided to go for a shop at the local shopping centre, Anyway, i stumbled across this pet shop, and my cousin and i walked in and knowing he had a while to wait before our sisters and parents were ready for lunch, we took our time in there, i walked over to the fish section and i saw:

3 dead moors stuck to the filter with at least 10 other fish in there

A huge fish (half a metre long or even bigger!) in a tank with at least 40 other fish

Bettas with angels (you could see where the betta's fins had been nipped at)

Comets being sold as fantails

and so on and so on

I walked up to a employee and asked them if they had any idea into proper fish care and he replyed "Honestly, i hate the things, i get spooked feeding them, and that's why those dead fish (he pointed to the moor tank) are still in there, i don't wanna get them out"

As you would expect, i walked out of that store and i am now writing a letter of complaint

it disgusted me!

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