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Moor With Clouded Eye

Guest captaingoldfish

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Guest captaingoldfish

Hi i recently purchased a new tank.a 55gl and some black moors.I think one of them has bruised his eye because it is all white and clouded.He is still swimming around though.I have Melafix but i also have snails in the tank.My question is could i use Melafix?and would it bother the snails?

PS.I do know that tank is young so the water quality definitely is a front issue with me.I thought there might be another way to cure him.

Any responses will be grateful

Your captain :)

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To be honest, no cure will work until the water is perfect. It could be chemical burn or bacterial but the only way to know is if it remains while your water is perfect. Can you answer as many of the questions in the box as possible? This will tell us if it's water related or not but I would hazzard a guess that your new tank means the water may be toxic.

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