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My Fish Yawning


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Well there could be a few things going on.

First we need you to fill in the answers to the questions asked above. Do you have another thread running with this problem?

Next, how long have you been running the salt at 0.3%?

Are you vacuuming the gravel everyday?

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Ok we still need the rest of the information. I know I keep hounding on this, but if you want us to help you, we need ALL the info not just some of it.

Now a reason why the ich is staying is it is living in the gravel. When you treat for ich you must vacuum the gravel daily to remove the cysts in the bottom. Yes it causing problems medicating but you have to calculate out what you have removed and add it back in. It helps to journal this information so you can referance what you are doing.

The ammonia is bad as well. In order to get rid of ich you also have to keep the fish's immune system in top notch, that means pristine water quality.

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