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Got My Goldfish Moved

love goldfish

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Before repairs start to my kitchen after a fire, I had to move my goldfish into a plastic container and put them downstairs. What a job that was. After moving the fish into the container, had to empty the 55 gallon tank, take it outside to empty rest of water on bottom, carry it downstairs, with help of course. Then time to move the container downstairs with fish in it, not that light. Set up light on top and filter, which was giving me problems until I realized there was not enough water for it to start properly. Finally got it done, my back was killing me after that. Now need to get my 10 gallon upstairs in my bedroom and try to clean up all the stuff I took down from up on top of cupboards. When painting starts I have take my 20, 45, and 30 gallon tanks and move them as much as possible and cover them so they won't be in the way of the painters. What a job to get done even before repairs start. And then when everything is done then I have to put everything back and organize it. I will have to take everything out of cupboards that will not be replaced and clean everything. :krazy::thud . Then I will need a :sleeping:

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