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Sad To See Them Go


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:( Well today has been both a really sad day but also a really happy day at the same time. As some here know i had 14, well actually turns out 15 baby goldies for 5 months, thanks to Casper and Butterball :D . I tried my best to take really good care of them given my limited resources, 27 gallon tub, 2 sponge filters and lots of food. Well today 5 of them left to good homes and although I know this was the right thing to do, I'm still sad to see them go. I still have 10 left but 8 or 9 of them will be going shortly. The 10th however will stay w/me while I monitor his current condition, rests upside down but otherwise very normal while awake.

I just do not know how some of you do it? Or have some of you ever given them away?

Also is 5 months too soon? Their mouths are still tiny but I do not have enough room for another tank/tub and I was afraid that keeping all of them in the 27 gallon would stunt their growth. That is why although I was sad to see them go I am also happy that they'll be going to a good place with lots of swimming room :) .

Sorry, I do not know if this goes in the breeding section but I just needed to tell you guys b/c I know that all of you can understand how close you can get w/goldies, especially watching them develop from little fry that you can hardly see to little chubbies :) .


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