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Rate My New Tank


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I have:

-55 gallon tank

-3 lovely fishies [2 commons and 1 shubunkin] :wub:

-very small height of gravel in middle of tank

-100 watt heater (don't use it much)

-Life Tech AP1300F filter and a HOB Aqua One 500l/hr filter

-Bubble wall and a bubble ship

-Small ornaments

-Marbles (lol)

-3-4 centremetre white rocks


-3 fake plants

-Wooden stand and lid

-Glass lids


-They r in my lounge room (main room)

-Get lots of light

-Feature to blue wall in background


Rate it out of 10

1 = lowest - 10 = highest

P.S. i will have photos soon, need batteries for digital camera!




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Need a photo to really judge :-) I think 7/10 --what is a bubble ship? What are the small ornaments? The white rocks sound pretty! ps--do you have rechargable batteries for your camera? We got some because the batteries don't last too long and it's helped a lot. There is always a back-up set :-)

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Small ornaments, r coloured see-through plastic things.. shaped as sheel and animals.'

Bubble ship - meaning a ship which blows bubbles from it.

I do have rechargeable batteries, but cant find the charger :(

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