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Too Cute!


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i was in my local pet shop today topping up on my hikari suppiles (my fish love the stuff!) and then i noticed he got a new shipment of fish in, so i went to check out the goldies because i'm looking for 3 more to put into my 75 gal tank, and i had the bag of hikari in my hand while i was looking, and there was this one goldie that swam down to the bottom corner of the tank just to what looks like be close to the hikari!, then, i moved the bag and it followed it, it was so cute

who said goldfish were dumb?

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Guest Dave_Aus

WoW! But Ive noticed with my tank all of the insides are like mirrors so the goldfish can only see thier reflection when the look out of the glass. Is this like it with most tanks?

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