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Eheim Sponge Filter


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I have an Eheim Liberty 200 hanging filter for my 10 gallon quarantine tank that I used to have on my 30 gallon populated tank. I am trying to cycle the 10 gallon tank in preparation for a new fish. I have had the tank running for a month now, and have .3 concentration salt in the tank and Prazipro in it. I added American Pharmaceuticals Stress-zyme in the water to try and get the biomedia started. I did remove the carbon filters because they would remove the Prazipro. It had one sponge filter and I added another one so that I have one either end of the filter with water passing through them and into the middle portion of the filter before it flows back into the tank. I don't know if I went about this correctly to get the tank cycled. I did add urine to the water after the sponges were set up to feed(?) the biobugs, because I read that the bugs had to have something to feed on. I tested the water parameters a week ago and had a 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 0 nitrates and 7.2 pH. If the nitrates are 0, doesn't that mean that nothing has happened? I suppose I could place my one fish into the quarantine tank, but will it do enough in two days time? I should really have it back in its regular tank before we leave for vacation for a week.

I suppose I could just wait and place the new fish in the tank and deal with the ammonia and nitrate spikes that could happen. Or I guess I could do the messy job of taking out the old media from my Eheim cannister and squeezing it to get some of its media into the tank to process. I would rather not, but is there any alternative?

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