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Some New Shots Of My Male Watanabe Angel

Reef Man

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Yes he is....he is also my most expensive fish in the system!!! Ouch...but worth every penny...He is a true reef safe angel!!!!

That fish on his side is a cleaner wrasse!!! He keeps all my fish parasite free!!!

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Worth every dollar for sure :D .

Oh and I could use a cleaner wrasse- do they come in freshwater versions ;) ?

Y'know it seems to me a lot of fashion designers must get ideas from fish for textiles and the like- the patterns and colors on fish are just so perfect.

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Ok....all Watanabee's look like this....they are all female....until one becomes dominate....then it will change into those pictures above...the male colors come out and that is the way they look mature... These are not considered dwarf angles...the male is 7 inches long...

Female - all Watanabe angels start this way!!




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