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Guest Tamiyaguy

I think it's fine to purchase online. I've done it before but very very rarely. Not because it's bad but just because it's expensive. The cost of overnight shipping makes it cost prohibitive unless you're after an expensive large fish or a lot of fish.

Some companies ship 2-day and I would not recommend that method. It's very hard on the fish. Check to see if the shipper uses Kordon bags (I think that's what they're called), which allow for CO2 to escape via osmosis. Check also what their warranty policies are in case of DOA.



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It is often very difficult to see fine flaws and problems in a fish from a static picture. If the seller is not someone you know and/or trust, you may find that there are things that were not mentioned. They may or may not be important to you.

Overnight is the only way to ship in my book. I simply would not risk a fish any other way. The cost is very high.

The Pros? - it makes fish available to many more people - fish that are not availble locally or at shows. More people can get more variety and quality fish. :)

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