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10 gallon tank

1 fantail


Whisper filter

Beginning Cycle


I just added 3 teaspoons of Wardley Essentials Bullseye 7.0, since my ph rating was way too high (8.4) and so I lowered to about 8.0 for now. However, now, the water has become extremely cloudy, and yet the instructions say nothing about the possibility of cloudy water. The water kinda is filmy, clear/white color. I don't know if I should be doing a massive water change right now, but the fish seems okay for now. He's acting normal and still trying to eat the fake plants. I don't know which sections this should be in specifially, but any explanations would be helpful.

Should I just go and do an 80% water change?


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8.4 isn't terribly high to the point that you should lower it for goldfish. They are very adaptable, and if he's been okay with that pH so far, its best to leave it alone.

Did you say that the aquarium is begining to cycle? Cloudy water is often caused by bacterial blooms when tanks cycle. Keep an eye on water quality (and test it if possible. Water quality tests are a good investment!) and do a lot of water changes until you're through it. Don't add any products to try and clear the water.

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