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Cumlulative Gallons

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Haha.. well, I was trying to get to sleep last night so I was counting sheep. The sheep started to get a bit boring so I decided to count Goldfish :exactly right.. so I was counting all the goldfish I could think of from everyone here and I got to about 30 and thought.. wow if they all lived together that would be at least 300 gallons and thats just a FEW of the forums fish.. soooo I'm now wondering, between us all, how many gallons we have together :D

I cant find the 'make new poll' option.. so I suppose we will have to just say a number each and add them all up..

Include every gallon (US) that you have fish (any fish, tropical/marine included) living in, so that includes ponds. But dont include QT/hospital tanks unless they are permenant.

I'll start then.. 226.5

..remember, every gallon counts :yeah: I'll add them all up in a week or so..

(yeah, this is quite a pointless thread I know..) :blink:

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I have got roughly 5.180 gl, and that is just goldfish. If you wonna go into the koi ponds, then just add 11.400 extra gallons. :thud

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