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Condtion All The Water Or Just New Water?

Guest sagepop

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Guest sagepop


I am Carrie, and a new member to this forum, but have been lurking around for the last 3 months after inheriting my inlaws 2 goldfish...I want to learn how to take good care of them.

I have a 37 gal. tank & when I have been making my weekly partial water changes I have been adding Amquel & NovAqua to my water that has been sitting overnight & only conditioning for the 8 gallons I'm am replacing. I have recently read that I should be putting enough water conditioner in for the full 37 gallons, even though I am only replacing 8 gallons. What do you all think of this?

I'm going to do a water change today & may change how I condition it, depending on what I hear for you all.



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Hi Carrie and welcome to Koko's! I'm glad you inherited some fish...that's awesome! :D

Since you are adding water from buckets, it is fine to only add the amount of conditioner for that many gallons. I used to do it that way myself. I now have a bigger tank and fill directly from the faucet. When you fill directly from the faucet, you should then treat for the entire tank amount.

Hope this helps ya, and hope to see you around more too....LOTS of wonderful things to learn here! :)

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