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Gfsa National Show


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Well, after a very busy, amazing 5 days, I am back.

All my fish are home. They are in tanks, but I need to clean and test and treat and salt today. I slept more than 2 hours last night! YEA! I counted it up last night - since Wednesday I think I slept a total of 10 hours and ate only 5 meals...... A show is totally exhausting!

Now - the good stuff. It was said that we benched more goldfish than any other show in the recent history of shows. We had 141 fish in the show. When I went, I have to admit, I was eager to "win" something, but once I got there and saw all the fish, that quickly dropped off the radar as anything important at all. Just seeing all those fish and learning sooooo much information that was available is the true value of the show. The seminars that I could attend (I had to spell duties with one other fellow - he got 1/2 the seminars and I got 1/2 of them) were really good. I see so many opinions and judgement calls. I now understand the flexibility of the standards and the subjective difficulties in judging far more.

Fish, as we all know, come in every size and shape and color. What one person or judge likes or is willing to accept into a standard does not even qualify for benching at other shows or for other judges. There is a great deal of discussion as to what a standard is, what it will become and how goldfish breeding will be transformed in the coming years. I find it facinating to listen to all the opinons. And, as you all know, there are as many opinions as there are people!

I was lucky enough to get no fewer than 4 top goldfish people (including "our" judge) to walk me down the row of fish there and talk me through so many of my questions. WOW, is there a lot to learn. I have also come to the conclusion that I do not know if I would want to be a judge. I do not know if I would want to have to decide to exclude some of the jawdroppingly beautiful fish that were there, simply because they did not meet the exact standards that are written. It is a difficult job. I admire those who do judge, but it is a REALLY hard job.

I also found it amazingly refreshing and wonderful to find people so ready to accept a "newbie" into their ranks - treating me and my opinoins and needs as important and equal. It was a nice suprise.

All in all the show was a huge success. I am behind in my tank cleaning, I have not returned any phone calls or anything ( I gave up carrying my phone, for I was never dry the whole weekend - between tank changing, rain, and errant fire hoses, I was constantly soaked!), and I need to see if any of the pictures I took worked, so I have a lot of work to do today to get life back together.

I bought a couple of new fishes. I won a number of awards and ribbons. I met tons of new people and made some new friends ( I hope). I am sure I irritated many. All in all, a wonderful, tiring, different, frustrating, happy, educational 5 days.

I will post pictures as soon as I can. My fish have to come first, but I will get them up ASAP. If you EVER have a chance to get to a show, I would recommend it. A show is FAR different when you immerse yourself in helping and working and learning - far better than just looking at the benched fish. I met Erika. I probably met some other "Koko-ites" but probably did not know it at the time. I was moving so fast I kept running into myself coming and going. If I met any of you, and did not know it, can you let me know? I am eager to know you better!

All in all, a very good time was had by all. :)

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Wow Carol, that all sounds so amazing! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself even though I know it's probably bound to catch up with you today or tomorrow. :rest: So get those fishies tended to, eat something, rest and then I would definetly LOVE to see some pics later on. :)

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The Reserve Grand Champion was Sterling

Spectator's Award winner was Sterling. (THank you for your votes, Erika! :) )

The winner of the Greg Glowaty Award - Toby....

Winner of the Bill Parsonson Award....... Kermit.

Blue Ribbon Winner of "Other" class - for fish that are not in categories that fall between the cracks. There were only 5 Phoenix there - so Eros won.

Bubba, (blue lionhead with pompoms) - Winner of the Mature Lionhead/Ranchu class....

Bear - Second Place Mature Lionhead/Ranchu class

Ribbons - Winner of Most Unique or Most Unusual Goldfish

I did NOT win Grand Champ. I did not win with my oranda ( I had only one and she is not "classical" and was out-classed by quite a few), I did not win telescope (I had only one and she is not "classical" and was out-classed by quite a few). I did not win ryukin (Sterling was bumped up and Toby is a short-tail - not "classical" - and there were sooooo many really really gorgeous ryukin - many of which were really showing off (gotta find that chocolate one's picture....)) I had no fish under 3 inches entered so did not win any "young" awards. I did not have a pearlscale, a single tail/watkin, or a shubunkin entered.

I won most everything else. :o I was a bit amazed. I think the judge was VERY generous on several of my fish. :)

The club did give one award that I found hilarious. It was said that every year, we get into the show venue on Saturday morning before judging to find that one vat of koi have gotten very frisky during the night. The vat is a frothy mess that smells from yards away! So a new award was made. This year, though, (ther first year for the award) we opened the doors at 8am only to find every single koi vat was pristine and clean!!!! WOW! However, there was one goldfish tank that you could smell from the end of the aisle! Two huge shubunkin had "gotten busy" and made a real mess. So the first annual "Get A Room, Already" award was presented to a goldfish this year! :rofl

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LOL too funny!!! I love that new award, makes it more fun for you all I am sure.

Reserve Grand Champ EH? Very nice, see we all can spot a nice looking fish when we see it!!

Congrats on all the ribbons, you should be very proud.

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Congrats on all your awards you won :#1 you must be one proud fish owner.Bet you want to win the Get a room already award next year.

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