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:krazy: As some of you may know, i'm looking for a pet story that stocks oranda's, while surfing the local T.V. guide last night, i found an add for "count the neons and win" advertisment, and they had a website down the bottom, so i thought to myself "hmmmm..... i may check if this shop stocks oranda's".

So i went onto the site and clicked on the fish section, and read through the info on it, and got to the food section and found out they stocked hikari! (i think that's how you spell it), and then i noticed on the side they listed what fish they stock so i read through them and thinking "this might be my lucky day because it looks like a big store" and i saw they stocked oranda's!!!!!!!

thinking they may not stock them (i've seen stores that do that before), i emailed them, and they said they do i was was going crazy xD :krazy:

and the best thing about it is they told me, they keep there fish in bigger tanks then most stores, and they keep there fish a little longer then most stores and they told me they have a whole room out the back of discounted older fish!

so i'm going over there on sunday and will hopefully have a couple of :newfish to put in my just finished cycling 75 gal tank i saved so long for!

:) just thought i would tell ya xD

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right on! 75 gal wow wut i would do with that eh! lo i have 2 30 gallons 1 20 gallon and a 15 gallon hospital. i really would love to get a BIG tank but i really cant afford to blow 300 -500 on just a tank right now :( silly student loans....sigh

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