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Cycling? Levels Won't Budge

Guest Pushkin

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Guest Pushkin

Hi everyone,

I am trying to cycle a new tank. I added fish (4 danios) to my 38 gal tank and began testing the water on 8/8. My levels have remained the same since then.

They are: pH 8 (7.5 from tap)

Ammonia 0.25

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 0

I have changed water once and will change it again today. I added a UV sterilizer a week ago and someone pointed out that I shouldn't have the UV light turned on while cycling, so I turned it off after 24 hours. The levels hadn't changed before I did that.

It's warm here--the tank is 80 F and I have two airstones.

So why haven't I had an ammonia spike yet? Should I start over? If so, how?


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:) I guess just be patient, your tank will cycle eventually! I know what it feels like...thinking that its never going to happen. but it will.....maybe the danios are producing very little ammonia and you are not getting big readings, I'm not too familiar with these fish but I think a lot of tropical fish make less waste than goldies. but really that shouldnt matter much.
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