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Mpks 14th Annual Show, Darien Il


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Whew!!! We just got home about 30 minutes ago. We had a great time there, but bad weather during the drive. Within 5 minutes of being there, I saw a familiar fish, his pic will be below. I didn't know what Carol looked like, so I just tried to find someone that fit her description.... unfortunately, there were about 20 tall red-heads in the place (of course, right) and I couldn't figure it out. I called Koko to see if she had Carol's # so I could say "Hey, where the heck are ya in this place?" but she didn't answer... nasty brat she is. :D I wandered around, looked at everything, then went back to that "familar" fish's tank where I see some woman introducing her fish one by one. I recognized the names, so I just waited till she got to that "familiar fish" and I said "And THIS is STERLING!!". :rofl So Carol and I chatted, looked at all her fish, and I just had to laugh when I saw Kermit with the screen top on his tank, HAHAHA!!!! Anyway, Carol's fish are all very large and healthy. I took some pics of them as well.

Anyway, here's what you've been waiting for, enjoy!!! :)

That familiar fish!!! He didn't have his dorsal up, and I tried to take another pic, but he mooned me. :rolleyes:


Dandy Orandas set up...... Don't worry Andrea, I've got some close-ups of his fish silly. ;)


Close ups of Dandy Orandas fish.....




I thought this guy was cute! (Dandy Orandas)


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A picture of some of the arena......


A seminar? I took the pic incase Carol was in it, and my plan was to just have an arrow pointing to her in the distance, hehe. After seeing her though, I don't think she's in this pic. Anyway, there's a Dandy Orandas DVD playing on the TV. I think they had 2 TVs set up playing clips of their fish.


Some goldfish......




Pretty color palette of young koi......


THIS guy was amazing..... he reminds me of a phantom or something..... he has these white spots by his eyes and a black body. It makes him look like he has white eyes. Absolutely stunning in person. He also has white tips on his fins. :heart


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:D Well hey there,glad that you met Carol.Did she fit what you pictured her to look like?

Poor Sterling looked a bit stressed,didn't he? As for Dandy's fish,Nothing's caught my eye so MORE PICS PLEASE!!!!!!!!! :rofl

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This was the Grand Champ. A nice ranchu.


A Sterling lookalike that threw me for a loop at first.


A weird mutt of some sort. Like a comet, but with a double tail. I asked Tommy what he'd call it, and he shrugged and said "An oranda without headgrowth". :blink: M'kay.


Carol's fish, the infamous Kermit.


Another pic of Kermit showing his "jumping barrier" which was wet by the way. :rofl


Carol's fish, Bear (whatta face)


And that's IT!!! Andrea, I missed you, and donated your water hyacinth to the Brookfield Zoo for the baby hippos. :(

Well hey ther,glad that you met Carol.Did she fit whaat you pictured her to look like?

Poor Sterling looked a bit stressed,didn't he? As for Dandy's fish,Nothing's caught my eye so MORE PICS PLEASE!!!!!!!!! rofl3.gif

No, Carol didn't fit my "mental pic". She makes herself out to be such an old lady, and she wasn't as old as I thought she'd be!!! She's a tall, skinny thing too!! :)

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Okay,I'm with you on the phantom---he's gorgeous! :heart And that grand champ----that's what I'm looking for. :exactly

That is too funny about Kermit and the wet screen. He's alot more orange than I remember.

Nice pics Erika.

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WOW Erika :#1:kewlpics: Really great. Thankyou somuch for sharing them. Feel like I had a peak at the show. So many fat happy gorgeous looking fish (but looking a little sad in their small show tanks I think.)

Is that a Japanese book- 2 books standing there on thelid of one tank by the TV in the seminar pic? Cant see well. If its recommended would like to know :) .

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Erika fantastic pictures!! Thanks so much for sharing. I loved it.

You lucky girl getting to meet Carol and all.

Hey has Kermit grown into a whale or what?! I don't remember him being that big........holy cow!!! What a massive fish.

Man that grand champ is a looker.

Can't wait for more photos.

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Well you guys are outta luck, cuz that's all my pictures! I was slightly distracted with the husband and kid (who was being a monster) in tow.

It was fun meeting Carol, I've only met one other person from Koko's and he's fairly new, so it was nice meeting one of the "originals".

As for the book on top of the Dandy Orandas setup, I have no clue what it was LOL. I didn't pay much attention to it really. Kinda hard with all those fish!!!

The grand champ was neat, but I honestly thought that Sterling would have that pegged. He had many admirers throughout the time we were there and I even bragged to 2 ladies who were oohing and ahhing over him. I said "His name is Sterling, he's a friend's fish". They looked at me and kinda smiled and nodded. Hehe, I'm use to that. Nevertheless, Jon and I each voted for him. The ranchu was very nice, but no, I have no idea how old he was.

And Laurie, Kermit is a big boy!! Most of Carol's fish were very good-sized! I'd of loved to have Kermit or Eros (sp?). :heart:heart

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:D Although I much prefer a fish with less orange, it's all about their personality. You gotta love Kermit for his attitude. :rofl

I thought about him all weekend.I just had this picture in my mind of judges coming over to look at him,and Kermit flipping out of the water like a Dolphin(or is that a dorsaless shark)and diving back in. :yikes:rofl3

WHich one is Eros,Erika? I forget? CArol was going to take pics of everyone,but she must have been short on time. If I would have been there,as much as I loved the Ranchu,Sterling would have probably gotten my vote too. :exactly

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Erika! That's it? :cry1:cry1

They're fantastic pics and don't you just love Carol's guys? :D I still think Sterling is one of the most handsome fish i've ever seen. The grand champ is truly amazine ;)

So how long were you there?

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Darn, Erika, I wish I could have been there!!! Such great pictures though, and I can see already that I would have gone home with a TON of fish. In that basket with the telescopes I saw 3 offhand that I'd taken blindfolded. Were those Tommy's?

Of course, Ken's fish also would have found their way into my house for sure. He always has such great fish, and it would have been nice to pick them in person instead of the DVD minus the shipping. Give me the Hamanishiki and the 3-color telescope, thank you! :rofl3

I can see Terry, Ruthie, Peter and the UK gentleman on the seminar pictures. Who was speaking? Tony Reynolds?

Man, Sterling looks sooo good, and of course Kermit! He must have grown some more in Carol's care. The screen is only wet because of the airstone though.

Trinket, the book ontop of the tanks is a cool book. I have it at home, although I can't tell you the title right now - books are all packed up for moving. It has a lot of pictures, and some of the text is either in Chinese or Japanese, but soooo cool pics! If you call Ken, he'll tell you the title.

Erika, have you seen Ron Weynschenk from Southwest Koi and Goldfish? He also should have had nice fish for sale.

And do I even dare ask - bought anything?....

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Oh, man, I typed a whole page here and it disappeared! ACK!

I will try to say it all again later this morning. I hafta get going and salting tanks....

Yes, Andrea, I think that was one that Tony Reynolds was talking in. He was also our judge for the show.

I have pictures. I will post them. I am in that picture. I am the old lady with the white sweater on the back of her chair. I am old. I will only type this once. You will never see it again in print. I am going to be 63 in 2 weeks or so. That is the last time I will ever admit my age. I am feeling every year of it today. I am glad you think I am not old. I refuse to age any more.

Well, when I can remember what all I just typed a minute ago, I will type it again. Kermit behaved himself. Bubba soaked 2 kids. One cried. My fish did well. I have ribbons and trophies and plaques and awards galore. I learned soooooooooooooooooooo much. I worked sooooooooooooooooo hard. I have new fish. I am hungry.



Edit - that was the judging teaching seminar. We had tanks of fish and the various people - GFSA and others (yes to Tony) talked to us about the standards. We "judged" the fish, and then sat and told our opinions on the fish and we critiqued what we learned..... Ken sold both of those books before I could get one......

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LOL, Carol, you really DON'T look like you're in your sixties, and I'm not sucking up at ALL!!!! I figured you were about my mom's age... she'll be 50 in Feb. I thought you were maybe a couple years older. That's impressive. :o

Andrea~ I don't know anyone but Tommy, for he's the only one I've ever met. The fish in the baskets I *think* were his, but I can't remember, LOL, I had a lot going on that day!!

Ken had some really good sized orandas that I'd of loved to have (one reminds me of Dev's Marmalade), but alas, I'm stocked to the gills with fancy goldfish. I have 8 or 9 in my 125, and that's enough for me. I would have bought a new pond fish, but nothing really tripped my trigger. I was looking for some wakin or something along those lines, but there was only regular pond goldfish and some gold or_ _ _'s. Carol, will you help fill in the blanks? They looked like big rosy red minnows. I'd never even heard of them till the show.

And Jen~ We were there probably 2 hours or so? We had a late start and wanted to get home before dinner, and Caeleb was being squirrely, so we took off. :rolleyes:

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Golden Orfs..... what ever those are....

Here are some pictures. REalize that none of the fish were posed - these were quick shots between visitors and water baths.... so bear with me on quality. There were, I think, 169 koi.

The banner and the goldfish tank row. There were 50 tanks on one side and 29 tanks on the other.

This is the hockey rink that contained the koi vats for judging.....

This is Hanson Mann giving his lecture on the history and development of goldfish.

Ken Fisher of Dandy Orandas and his booth full of buyers and dreamers....

The Extreme Grand Champion Koi (on the right)

Grand champion Goldfish - a 3 inch white ranchu male.

The Reserve Grand Champion and Spectator's Award winner (Sterling). :)

The winner of the Greg Glowaty Award - Toby....

Winner of the Bill Parsonson Award....... Kermit.

Blue Ribbon Winner of "Other" class - for fish that are not in categories that fall between the cracks. There were only 5 Phoenix there - so Eros won.

Bubba, (blue lionhead with pompoms) - Winner of the Mature Lionhead/Ranchu class....

Bear - Second Place Mature Lionhead/Ranchu class














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Ribbon - winner of the Most Unique or Most Unusual Goldfish at the show. There was substantial discussion as to where to class Ribbon. It was a general concensus, in order to please the most people that Ribbon should be in the "Other" Class, for he carries a long veil tail that does not have a veil shape. It is reminicient of the old breed "Ribbon Tails" (what a hoot! That is his name! :rolleyes: ) which had the down flowing veil length tails with a ribbon conformation.


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