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Bubble Above My Lionhead's Eye

Guest Sahara5

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Guest Sahara5

My lionhead has a bubble type thing (I?ve included pictures) above his eye. He?s had it for a while now and I can?t figure out what it is, how to treat it, or if it?s even anything I should be too concerned about. I?ve tried treating him for fungus because it was the only thing I could think of, but there was no change.

If anyone has any idea what it could be, I?d sure appreciate the help.



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Guest Sahara5

My fish is named Nemo, and he is about 4 years old. The bubble first showed up 2 months ago, and does appear to be liquid inside. That?s when I first tried treating him for fungus. I kept him in a 10 gallon hospital tank for 3 weeks and never noticed any unusually behavior or any other unusual marks, so he got to move back into the 30 gallon tank.

Current tank conditions:

Ammonia ? 0

Nitrate ? 20

Nitrite ? 0

Hardness ? 120

Total Alkalinity ? 180

pH ? 7.6, same as out of tap

The 30 gallon tank that has been running for about 2 years

I use ?Aqua-Tech 20-40 & 30-60 Power Filters?

I change 1/3 of the water every week

When the bubble first showed up he was living with 1 Betta and 1 other goldfish who was about 4 inches not including his tail (same as Nemo.) That fish died last month (Nemo was in the hospital tank when that fish got sick,) and Nemo is now living with 3 smaller goldfish (about 1 inch not including tail) and the Betta.

I add a water conditioner to remove chlorine, but there are currently no other water additives and no medications added to the tank. I usually add ?No More Algea,? I just forgot this week.

The three smaller fish were added about a month ago, but after living in a separate tank for about 2 months and a month after Nemo?s bubble had already appeared.

They are fed ColorFin sinking granules

No other unusual finding on Nemo.

I noticed a couple days ago that he was staying at the top of the tank a little more then usual, but just for that day and he is acting fine now. That was the first unusual behavior I?ve seen since he first developed the bubble.

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