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Anyone From Hong Kong?


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Hi All,

I'm from Hong Kong and have started with looking after goldfish last year and so far, so good.

I was looking for "Mazuri Aquatic Gel Diet" in Hong Kong today but shops don't seem to carry them. Any idea if there are any other alternative or names of Gel food that I can buy in Hong Kong?

My gold fish are doing fine but I'd like to change some of their diet from time to time.

I give them lettuce to nibble once a week. I give them peas that's been mashed and cleaned before placing in aquarium, flakes once a week, dried shrimps made soft before feeding, dried worms also softened before feeding.

Today, I've got them (6) some live plants (after joining Koko last week, I've decided to give my gold fish the best of the best). I'm soaking everything tonight before placing them in tomorrow. I feel like a little girl who's just got a new toy and can't wait to clean up the tank tomorrow to add the rest of the plants and rearrange their "home".

I've lost three batches of fry from last month and early this month and have new ones today. I had about more than 100 eggs but seems like few have hatched (maybe 5-6). I will clean out or siphon the ones that did not hatch tonight. I have not given them any air bubbles but they have a live plant to help them breath. They are obviously 1-2 day old.

Please help me to keep these fry alive...do I need to give them air bubbles?

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I was in HK a few months ago.

I don't recall seeing gel food, but try asking in several of the shops with fridges along goldfish market (Tung Choi Street).

Rather than getting gel food, there is a wealth of "fresh" or frozen. Fresh as in livefoods, insects, and frozen as in vitamin enhanced worms, shrimp, seamonkeys etc.

I used to get some really expensive Hikari pellets that were enhanced with beneficial bacteria. I think they were probiotics, but I can't remember.

Good luck

Slugger :)

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Hi Slugger,

Thanks for getting back to me. Did not know there was a reply to this topic.... :D

Yes, you're right. Tung Choi Street is normally where I buy most of my stuff and no I have not seen any gel food. Anyway as for the others, got them.

I also got the Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish Breeder preferred Probiotics Added.

One question, do you remember if you ever bought any "parasite clear", "Iodine", "Medigold" and "Maracyn 1&2" in Hong kong? Or do you know of a product that is of the same effects?


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