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I Got Bubbies

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Hey all, been away for a while, things were really hectic for a while.

I just recently gave all my remaining goldies to friends :( due to circumstances out of my own control, and this included 2 golden apple snails.

Anyway, I put off emptying the tank for so long, because I had the flu (wich is hitting everyone in town reeeaally bad this year) looked in there yesterday, and noticed that my pair left me a little present that I didn't see before! about 14/15 baby snails.

They're so cute, but I have a few questions..

1) what do they eat, to grow to full potential? (I will be giving these ones to friends)

2) how long do they take to grow?

At the moment they're only a few mm, and munching away quite happily on a few little algae patches that grew after the previous occupants went to other homes, but that doesn't look as though it will last very long.

Any help whatsoever is fully appreciated, and it's great to see everyone again, after so long! :D

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