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What Size Is The Average Fancy Goldfish At Age One?

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I was just wondering if my goldfish are the "average" size. I have 2 ryukins and 2 fantails and they are all about one year old ( I guess.) They are all about 2---2 and a half inches long (without the tail.) They have doubled in size since I got them 4 months ago. I have 2 to a 20 gallon tank. Anyway, just wondering. Thank you.

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That is one of the hardest questions to answer. I am sure they are "normal" for who and what they are, for if they have grown well for you, then they are doing GREAT.

Fish size is determined by a whole bunch of factors. The more I listen to various breeeders and such, the more I learn.

Genetics plays a HUGE part in the equation of size. Within a single spawning, you can have a tremendous variety of genetic combinations. Goldfish have been manipulated for hundreds of years, and there are sooooo many combinations of genetic traits, few of which are dependant on others, that it is possible to get everything from a fish that has "all the good stuff" and digest well, regulates well, and has high immunities, to a fish that has "lethal" combinations and will die after a short time, and everything in between the two. A fish that has an excellent body construction that allows it to maximize the nutrition of all the food it eats, high immunities so that everyday stress, parasites and bacteria do not bother it and the genetic makeup that dictates large size will, everything else being ideal, grow large quite quickly.

Fish that are spawned in ideal conditions, have never be crowded since day one, have never had to contend with ammonia or nitrite or high nitrates, fish that have never had to compete for food will have a natural edge on others that have had to struggle from the day they hatched. The ones that have never been deprived will grow much larger over a lifetime, and are much faster at it.

Finally - how you are keeping your fish makes a big difference. Many breeders, order to bring large numbers of fish fry to sale size in minimum water and minimum care will crowd them and underfeed them. The fish may reach the stores at 6-8 months of age and being only 1-3 inches in length. Many "show" breeders want the opposite effect. They are not looking for numbers of fish, but instead, size and value of fish. A 10 inch fish will bring far more money than 100 1 inch fish, so they grow them big, in as little time as possible. To do this, the fish are fed and tended continuously.

A fish may be kept in a large volume of water - a pond is usualy recommended. The water is either changed daily or is stream fed to change naturally, continuously. The fish are fed 4-6 timse a day or more. They are given high quality, high protien food every hour or so. With this type of continuous feeding, a fish can easily grow to 8-10 inches in a year or more. But intense feeding like this is extremely difficult to do in our tanks. That much food makes an enormous amount of waste - and all that waste must be removed quickly and well for the fish to remain healthy.

There are many fish who reach wonderful size, but they take years to do it. Others can be fed to reach magnificent size in minimum time. Both fish are beautiful, both fish are healthy and hearty. It is all a matter of how you wish to care for your fish.

I have tried both ways. They both work. For most intents, I much prefer the slow and sure way - it is a let easier on my back as I lug water and a lot easier on the fish.


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