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Question About Fry

Guest saffyre75

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Guest saffyre75

I adopted fry from my in-laws pond about a month ago so Im guessing they are around the 2.5 - 3 month stage and are absolutly adorable!

My question is whether they are comets since they dont show the flowing finnage yet. In the pond there are 5 Koi, 3 Shubunkins and about 5 Sarassa Comets, and his dad is sure the babies are from the comets, maybe a few mutts since one of my babies has the calico markings and blue skin, but they definatly dont have commons in the pond. I was just wondering if 2 comets can bear common fry? If not then usually at what age do the fins start feathering. Right now they are full white bodied with the red/orange patches and full white tails that are slightly longer in proportion to the body length, just not....feathery, lol Im one for flair, which is why I adopted them to begin with, hehe :D

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