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Stow-away Snail


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About 2 months ago I bought some platys and accidently brought a 1/4" long snail home as well. I'm not sure what kind of snail it is (the tag on the tank mentioned apple snails, but it was mmm, so he could be anything). I didnt want to kill him, so out of curiosity I've kept him in a jar with about 3c of water that gets changed like my fish water every week and have been feeding him goldfish flakes every few days.

Anyhow, I've tried to look for info/pictures to identify exactly what kind of snail it is, but haven't found anything that looks like him. After reading about Apple snails, I dont think thats what he is because he doesn't have the little siphon thing for breathing (or, at least, I've never seen one).

Looking at him now, His shell is black, body grey, he has 2 antenae, um... slow spiral that turns clockwise and he has little yellow spots all over the bottom half of his shell. I've read that most snails are asexual and will produce eggs on their own (one reason I didnt put him in the tank), but I havent seen any evidence of eggs since I got him. Should I take a chance and put him in with my playts? Thanks!

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