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Calling Reefman!


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Heya Reefman! You seem to have the reef scene all together, so I have a question! I bought a receeded bubble coral since I thought that mabe I could bring it back. Prob is, I have no idea what to do with it. It's currently tucked in an overhang so it doesn't receive direct lighting (coralife 96w actinic and MH over a 10 gal nano) and seems to be hanging in there. Which means surviving, not thriving. I'm a newb, nano running 5 mos.

weekly water changes, temp 82-84 stable, Sg .025 Am, 0, NI 0, Na 10. A pain, I know. Caulerpa in there, seems to be helping wih the algae.

Thoughts though on the bubble?

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Hi chellekins27...

A Bubble Coral is a beautiful addition to any system. I have a Green bubble coral and just love it....bubble coral are LPS coral. As you have noticed they have a white-ridged hard skeleton that can be seen when the polyps are deflated. When inflated, the large fleshy polyps will cover the entire skeleton. You need to be careful to place them away from other coral. Like many other LPS corals, they do posses sweeper tentacles that can harm your other corals that are within reach.

Bubble Coral require a moderate level of lighting combined with low to moderate water movement in the aquarium. You will notice that when the coral is placed in too much water flow it will impede the coral from fully expanding. You need to be careful when you move the coral as the fleshy polyps are very fragile and will puncture easily. Always be careful when handling these corals, to only handle them by the hard skeleton. If I have to move mine I will gently try and get the coral to retract and then handle it on the base! For continued good health, keep your calcium levels where they need to be...remember that bubbles require strontium, and other trace elements, so keep your water changes up to make sure these are good....

Bubbles will also benefit from additional food fed weekly in the form of brine shrimp or micro-plankton.

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