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Color Change, Or Do I Have A Problem?


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I have had a fantail (Patrick) for a little over a month who, up until a few hours ago, was orange with chocolate fins. Just now, when I went to turn out the lights, I noticed his fins have darkened and he has developed 2 dark spots on one side of his body.

Is he changing color and can he change color that quickly? Or do I have a problem? I'm doubly concerned because a fish I bought at the same time from the same tank I bought him from developed similar spots right away and didn't last a week.

I am going through a second cycle problem and have been battling it for about 4 weeks. My parameters are:

Ammonia: 0

NitirItes: 2.0

Nitrates: 20+ (it's in between the pinks at the moment)

Hardness (GH): 300

Alkalinity (KH): 300

PH: 7.8

I've been doing 25% & 50% water changes on a rotating daily schedule and one 100% change weekly for the past 4 weeks. Except for these spots that Patrick has developed, all the fish are showing no stress or illness. My tank is a 55 gal and I have 5 fancies.



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Hi Lisa :)

As your cycle crashed, then there's a good chance these are healing ammonia burns although your nitrites are dangerously high...

What happened to your cycle? What kind of filtration are you running on your tank? I'm trying to work out if the filter is up to the task of filtering a 55 gallon. A good rule of thumb would be a filter that turns over 550 gallong per hour or IMHO, running 2 filters is even better. That way if something happens to one filter, you have a second as backup.

In the meantime, you could salt the tank to 0.1% (1 teaspoon of sea, rock or aquarium salt per gallon) because this will help with the high nitrites :)

Please post back soon :)

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What happened to your cycle?

It appears that I overwhelmed a young cycle. The tank was set up about 4 months ago to be a cichlid tank. I did the first cycle with Tiger Barbs and it cycled without a problem. The cichlid tank, however, didn't work out (due to the meager selection of cichlids in my area, I wasn't ever going to be able to stock it properly).

So, I moved my two 3 yo fancies to this tank and put the cichlids in the gf tank about 2 months ago. A few weeks after doing that, I added 2 small fancies and a couple of weeks later, I added 2 more small fancies.


I know now that I had overstocked by 1, but they were so small, I'm still not sure how and why. If they'd been bigger fancies, it would make a bit more sense, I think.

Anyway, that's what happened and I've been battling this 2nd cycle for almost a month now. My ammonia levels have been at 0 for the past 10 days or so, and they weren't outrageously high prior to that, but who knows? Patrick is the smallest goldie in the tank - barely thumbsized.

Oh, as for filters, I'm running 2 dual filters. One an Aqua-Tech with bio-media sponges and the other a Penguin with 2 bio-wheels. I have both stuffed with extra media, including one sponge that I took from the now-cichlid tank that was pretty well colonized. I did that about 2 weeks ago, but it hasn't really helped yet. Both filters combined run 680 gph.

I've been doing daily water changes, have added Biozyme, Cycle and have gone through countless bottles of Prime and boxes of salt. I'd like to try the Bio-Spira, but no one around here sells it. Even if they did, I'm pretty positive my dh would never go for it, as it's quite expensive. We've already spent waaaaaay more than we ever thought we would on this. Whoops.

So, there's the story. If you can think of anything else I can do to get this cycle 'uncrashed', I would appreciate it so, so much!


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