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Betta Abbreviations


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I found a list of some common abbreviations used when refering to bettas. Thought it might be helpful

from website betttaforum.com


CT = crown tail

DRCT = double ray crown tail

DT = double tail

SD = super delta tail

HM = half moon tail

OHM = Over half moon tail

BBS = baby brine shrinp

VT = veil tail

MG = mustard gas (a bicolour fish which is blue/green/purple with yellow fins. The original MG was also a butterfly ie it had a coloured body, yellow fins and a band of the body colour in the tail)

BF or b/f = butterfly pattern in the fins.

Cambo = cambodian (flesh coloured fish with coloured fins)

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Oh I forgot.If I'm not wrong then theses are some to.

HS-Half Sun


HMPK-Halfmoon Plakat

DDRCT- Double Double Ray Crowntail or 4 ray (I've even heard of 8 ray but I dunno what you would call them besides 8 ray CT)

Thats all of the basic ones I could think of right now.

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