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Kev, here is a link that will give you some overview on what the basics are. I put your question in the breeding section, so you will find more help there! :)

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Kev,since you are new to goldfish i envise you

to stay away from breeding,i've been learning about goldfish

and about breeding them for at least 2 years i still

can't breed them.

Your goldfish have to be at least 3 years old,You need to know

how to tell if they are a male or female,you need to know lots before

breading them.

Im not saying you can't, but i find it would be alot better if you

learn about the types of goldfish fisrst ,the common rules for goldfish.

Before you try to breed them.

Im just starting to learn about breeding.

Something else you should start learning about is compatible fish for godlfish.

Because going and learning about breeding is a big leap for you.since you are new to goldfish not only that you have to learn about that..

you need to know about the frys.

:rolleyes: Hope this helps bye!

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:lol: You don't need to swear im just letting

you know that you are new to this ,so breeding

should be your last step to learn,If

you want to be perfect and take care of babie frys

then you better learn all teh other things before breeding .

:blink: Now start learning! lol

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It's a big leap infront for you

it's great you want to breed your fishyies!

but it still takes alot of work and you do go to school write?

When i was introduced to betta fish i wanted

to breed them so mutch.

When im older i want to be some one that breeds fish,

I sudgest you to start out with guppies if you wnat to breed fish

themn maby you ca get allitle more

into this "Breeding thing taht you want to do"

Goldfish are hard to breed besides. :rolleyes:

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You have to remember that pets are NOT a fad. They are a responsibility as their welfare depends on you. You shouldn't get a pet just because it's "cool".

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