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Baby Fish

Guest bazzer

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Guest bazzer

Hi can anybody help when do fry change colour??

My 37 3 month old fry have recently changed to a gold colour.i don't know who the parents were,its either goldfish or or golden orfe i think, i don't think they are koi.

will they now start to change to orange?or will they stay gold?

I lost quite a few but am pleased that i have 37 still.they are doing really well and are quite friendly when feeding them.

they are fed on tetramin baby powder food(for all baby fish)would i be better feeding them another food and if so what??

Many thanks


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Hi, there, Barry, and :welcome !

Since you don't know for sure which fish the parents are, its harder to tell. Generally, fry change color anywhere from 2 months to a year since they hatched - some of my 5 months old still have their brownish baby color. Some might never change, and always look that olivy coler, which isn't all that pretty, and very hard to see in a pond.

You might be able to help it along some by either feeding color enhancing foods, or give them a daily dose of sunlight. If you can, maybe moving them outside into a small pond or container, and take them back inside at night. Or move the tank to a more sunny location. Green water will also help with intensifying their color. :)

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