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Do U Think Fitercleans The Tank


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Lol. But don't make motorx1 feel bad for a mistake for using fake instead of flake. How can anyone feed Fake Food! LikeAGoldfish probaly meant it as a joke though. Anyway, flake food is dirting the tank, hmm? First there are 4 things u could do,

1. If your tank is under 30 gallons , and have the time, try and clean it every week with a siphon and clean water

2. Maybe get Waste Control Liquid

3. If you feed a lot of food to your goldfish, try and cut down. Vist the post for How Much Do I Feed? In this section of posts: Goldfish Food

4. Get a better filter. I reccomend Aquaclear Power Air Filter

or do all of these. Just a suggestion

Goldfish Goddess :idea

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Guest Bo_bo

Invest in a good filter system! Goldies create lots of waste that will make your ammonia, nitrates and nitrites levels high! No overstocking of goldies and no overfeeding too!

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Guest martinez14pr

looks like his "L" key doesn't work , that's all LOL

Yes, get a good filter- and don't trust the pet store employees! (I don't know what size tank you have, but) If it says good enough for 5-10 gallons, DON"T BUY IT for your ten gallon, get the filter for the 20 gallon instead, extra power means extra hard work filtering out your nasty f(l)ake food :):)

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