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Shame On Me...

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I've had this lovely little lady for about two months now and I never gave her an introduction. I figure now is as good a time as any so here she is. Shes a cana by the way ;)

This one was taken a few nights ago. She was about half that size when I got her.


Shes got a dark blob on her shell, I think it makes her that much prettier :)


And I had to get her in this pose :lol:


edit: I forgot to say that I got her from badflash over on applesnail.net . If ever you want a lovely cana such as this he would be a great guy to get ahold of :)

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Very pretty snail!! Not the Chewy pose!! LOL!!

Also, Canas will eat your plants worse that goldies! Brigs only eat dead/decaying plant matter. Canas come in that beautiful gold color, but brigs come in ivory, gold, blue, jade, purples, etc...

All are simply too cute for words!!!

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