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What Kind Of Fish?

my nemo

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Guest Cheese Specialist

Hey My Nemo!

Put little fish in your 10g. How about a shoal of neons? So pretty, I'd love some but my angels would think they'd died and gone to heaven! Some corys would be cool and they don't get too big (maybe 2"), although black tops get a bit bigger. I've got 5 corys. They'd also keep your tank nice and clean!

I'm not sure what else, all my fish get pretty big (although they are ickle now). Bottom feeders are always good and they give more swimming room to middle/top fishes.

When are you setting up? LOL I am excited for you!

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Guest watermama

A school of neons can be awesome....get at least 6 and then you could add a male betta or a dwarf gourami and maybe an otto or an apple snail...

Or....if you want something a little different, you could get a pair of dwarf cichlids like rams or cockatoos and watch them raise their babies!! A pair of convicts would give you more fry than you can imagine (they are excellent parents)....

Or.....if you feel up to the challenge you could go with a harem of shell dwellers....they do require more specialized care than other tropical fish (a higher pH must be maintained).

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