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Update On Pond Fishies...

Guest imroc

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest imroc

Oh wow, was that a fantail I saw in there? XD

Beautiful pond. I wish I had that many fish....^^

Thanks for the compliment. I'm really happy on how this pond has turned out. It's my first! If you scroll up to the top, the 2nd picture (from the top) has both of my fantails in it. One is Orange with white and the other is a calico. There are probably more fish than suggested in the pond, but the filtering is working so I'm not all that concerned. In all there are 2 large comets, 4 smaller comets, 2 fantails, 1 black moore and 1 koi.

The koi is the silver fish in the first picture. He's the latest addition. I didn't have plans on adding koi to the pond, since my aim is to have different types of smaller goldfish in this pond. The koi will most likely be put into my next project pond...the one I cannot wait to get starte. But, I was at wallyworld and they had a shipment of small koi in. I saw the glimmering silver of this fish and couldn't pass it up. (Plus, I bought another for my friend's pond).

All of the comets were purchased as "feeder" fish at the local pet store. Their colors are: (1) White w/ orange head....see the images below for a glimpse of him :) , (1)White and orange kinda like a clown fish....this fish is very photogenic and is in just about every picture (1) Solid orange...in the first couple pics (1) pinkish cream...don't know the technical color :) ...there's not good images of this fish, but there is a picture below with him in it, (1) large orange with beautiful fins...see pictures #7, 9 and 10 and below, (1) large orange and white... picture #4.

The black moor is impossible to catch on camera and almost as impossible to see unless he's eating higher in the water column than the rest of the fish. He's kinda like the bonus feature:). I don't look for him, but when he appears, it's a special moment. He's growing faster than the others and I wouldn't doubt if he ends up being an aquarium fish or maybe a member of the koi pond next year.

The fantails were local pet store fish. They used to hang out together alot, but in recent days they've split up. The calico is definitely the more shy one at the time of these photos. But I will add. The last 2 weeks have been great. The fish are all photogenic right now. Their feeding activity has increased ALOT! I was actually able to feed the large comet by hand today. He didn't quite know what to expect and took a mad dash after taking the pellet of my finger. Right now, I would say none of them are shy. I'm really enjoying them all. I hope to get better images soon. Thanks again!



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