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Ich? I Am Not Sure. Please Help!


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Hi. I just got my first fish yesterday and they are two orandas. One is named Carmel and is orange and black. The other is Dot and is a red-cap. I have done lots of research before I bought them.

I am not sure if Dot has Ich or not. But she has one tiny white dot on her wen. I didn't see it the day before but I just noticed it this morning. And when I was examining the spot part of the it fell off but there is still a white dot. I hope this isn't ich. Dot is not that old... she doesnt have much of a wen yet. I have check the pH and it is fine 7.5. She is swimming normally and doesnt seem to scratch herself. Please tell me if this is a sign of ich or just something that got on her wen.

If it is ich please tell me how to cure it.


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