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Clown Fish Question


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This is kind of odd, but I was wondering, do clownfish usually stay towards the top of the tank?

At the hospital my daughter goes to they have about 12 aquariums and most of the have clownfish in them (not sure which type of clownfish though) but I have noticed in all of the tank the clown fish always seem like they need to be up at the top of the water and sometimes almost look like they are trying to get out (Nemo?). Is that normal for this type of fish? The fish seem healthy and everything and they are not at the surface of the water or sucking air or anything, they are just up near the top.

Just curious!

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lol, Nemo. XD

Well, I knew my Saltwater Aquariums for Dummies would come in handy somehow....and it says....

'Common Clownfish' : Tank Level-Middle and Lower Levels

Obviously there's something wrong here.

Was there some sort of other fish in the lower areas of the tank that the clownfish might be avoiding? Something more aggresive? Or else....:S

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There are what look like anenomes in there, but I think they are fake ones. I know that some of the tanks have cowfish, large eyed squirrel fish and blue tangs (or whatever Dory was). Do they all get along with eachother? Some of the other tanks have different fish though, one tank has a large hermit crab. I will try and take some pics next time I am there. The fish always looks healthy and everything, I just thought it was weird that the clownfish were always near the top. They have a local company that manages their aquariums an they are very reputable. Maybe I will ask them, loL!

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