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Guest Luke Anderson

In general, wardleys brand foods are so-so at best.

There freeze dried food is fine however it is not sterilized and many including myself prefer to stay away from them because of this (there krill, and brine shrimp are fine though because they are raised in saltwater, and saltwater parasites, and bacterias cannot be transmitted to freshwater fish :) ).

There other manufactered food isn't that great. It contains ethoxyquin in almost all of their foods and it is a carcinogen and a immune suppressant (not a good thing). They contain a large amount of poor quality carbohydrates like corn in most of their foods, which goldfish have a very hard time absorbing. These carbs also are hugh glycemic foods, which are turned into sugar in the goldfish's body..,not good. There are overproccessed (high heat, etc.), poor quality proteins also.

IMHO a poor line of foods for most fish, and there are a lot of other ones that are much more preferable, and nutritious for goldfish. Still ok as something to vary their diet every once in a while though ;)

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Guest starsmom

I use Hikari for freeze-dried foods, they are sterilized, so no worries about any bad things in the food.

I have had good results so far with bio-blend pellets, they don't require much soaking at all to sink. I guess pro-gold is better, but bio-blend seems to be working o.k. for me. I also feed frozen foods (brine shrimp, blood worms, veggies). I think variety is good, between pellets, frozen, freeze-dried and fresh fruits/vegetables. That way, the odds are better that your goldies are getting the nutrients they need. Oh, and all the foods I mentioned are available at mmm (except the pro-gold).



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