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Fry Ranchus

Guest oranda kid

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Guest oranda kid

I have two fry ranchus but my question is when there that small do they look like ranchus they are long instead of there egg shape also how long does it take for them to grow big enough to be with other fish people say goldfish grow alot of inches in a couple months and theese are 2 months and there still the size of my fingernail

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Well, being 2 months and the size of your fingernail sounds pretty good to me. That is without their tail, right?

Depending on the breed really, and their food and frequency of feeding, as well as water changes, its different on how fast they'll grow. Comet fry tend to grow faster than for example a bubble eye fry would.

Also, how do their parents look - ranchu shape, or more longer body like a lionhead? The genes are also a factor.

Of course, almost every fry will fill out nicely and get a fat belly when fed more frequent smaller foods. Live or frozen foods are excellent at that young age - they need plenty of protein to grow.

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