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Multiple Spawns In A Season?

Guest snowtiel

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Guest snowtiel

Hello all,

I was hoping some of you could help me with this...

I have a preformed pond ~100 gal with 4 fantails and many small mosquito fish. I noticed last week that my goldies were spawning just days after I noticed the big belly of one of them. The spawning lasted many hours, and they spent a lot of time wiggling about the many plants, especially the lone water hyacinth. I lifted this plant up and saw maybe a dozen eggs on the roots, and the next day the fish were back to normal- almost. The problem is this: My preggo female is still getting larger by the day, and I didn't even think she got markedly any smaller even the first day. I found very few eggs in the plants I lifted whereas it seems there should initially be tons. It has been almost a week now and I haven't witnessed any more spawning activity. Should I be worried? I haven't found anything that says they will spawn multiple times in a row; I was under the impression they are suppossed to expel all their eggs at once. I read on here another user whose female was bound, but mine is doing well and has no outward signs of anything being wrong (eating & swimming fine). She doesn't look like a pinecone either. I held her gently just for a bit today as was suggessted and she feels very squishy and is very large. Should I do anything or do you think they will spawn again on their own? I can put her in a warm tank if thats a good idea, but the pond is warm already since its summer in San Diego, and I would prefer they go about their business as usual if you guys think it will be fine. I just really don't want to lose her all of a sudden if there's anything I can do. She's rather young, I've only had her maybe 4 months and she's about 4 in. long. Please help!

*just as a side: will the mosquito fish devour all the babies if they do have some, since small, wiggly things are their specialty?



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Hi there, Annika, and :welcome !

Yes, fish do very well spawn quite a few times in a season, if the conditions are right. Well fed and taken care for fish will definetely give you eggs more than once. A breeder told me once that his fish regularly spawn every 2-3 weeks.

I wouldn't worry about the mosquito fish eating a few eggs. You do however have to worry about the goldfish doing the same. Unfortunately, they are not "good parents", and if the eggs aren't taken out immediately after spawning, the goldfish will go about eating them. You might have had a whole lot more eggs, and when the fish ate most of them, you only found a few dozen.

If you wonna induce some more spawing, there are a few things you can do. First watch out for low pressure systems in the coming days. Fish tend to spawn more at that day. Prepare your fish by doing a large water change that same day of the low pressure system arriving. Anything above 50% would help along. Of course, the new water should basically have the same temperature than the one in the pond, so the fish aren't shocked. Only the last few buckets can be just a tad cooler - great trick from Daryl here to induce spawning. Don't pour the cooler water directly over the fish though - a little bit away from them.

Other than that - fish do have their own minds, and sometimes with all the preparations we do they just decide that today isn't the day.

I am somewhat worried about her mushy belly though, and just as a precaution you might be able to find Antibacteria Food from Jungle in the pond section of your local vvvv. Its the only easily available medicated food. There are others out there, like Metromed and Medigold, but those two you have to order online. They are excellent, but not everybody is able to get things online.

You can feed that Antibacteria food for a course of 2 weeks as their only food, and see if that changes anything in her appearance. :)

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Guest snowtiel

Thanks so much, that really eases my worries! I'll leave them to do their thing on their own then and I might try that food- she's not especially mushy, just more swollen, but that was my first time holding one of them so it may just be normal. I'll try to get some pics up soon so you guys can tell me if she looks normal to you. Thanks so much for your help!


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