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Goldfish Sick

Guest Kevin523

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Guest Kevin523

Hi all,

Those of you who hang around the goldfish discussion forum might have recently seen my thread on how I had 3 goldfish in a 15 goallon tank, and two of them died. One survied and has been living ever since. Until recently he looked very healthy.

Now he just hange around the bottom of the tank, not moving much. The strange thing is he's lost his bright colors. He was a bright orange fantail and now he looks kinda faded, almost dull colored. I can't tell if there's something on him, or what (I'm legally blind).

I just changed half of the water, adding new water the same temp and adding a tiny bit of dechlorinator to each bucket to get rid of the chlorine before I added it.

I also just added a giant table spoon of salt and then a little bit more to the tank to try and get back to the .1% salt solution.

I realize the tank isn't 15 gallons with gravel etc..so I usually add 2 rounded table spoons and then a little more to get about 12, 13 gallons dosage.

This seemed to help him out tremendously..he almost looked more active after a couple of days.

I realize when you change the water you need to add the amount of salt to the water that you took out..so I've been doing that.

Anyway, he doesn't eat..he isn't flashing as far as I can tel or scratching..he just sits there.

his fins may be a little clamped but can't tell.

Anyone have any suggestions.

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