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I?ve noticed a small, whitish bump near the base of my fish?s tail, right behind the last ray of the dorsal fin. It doesn?t look like a salt grain, so it?s not ich, but it looks more like a pimple except larger. Its pale and the white fades into the gold. I?ve had previous problems with this fish, because I think she may have flukes or chilo, as she sometimes rubs on the gravel. Maybe the bump is another symptom or something? I noticed it a couple of days ago, and it doesn?t seem to be getting worse, but I thought maybe someone would have an idea about it. Here are the answers to the questions in the box.

Am: .25 (tank is apparently still cycling, I just did a 25% change)

Ni: 0

pH: very high, aprox 8.0-7.8

Tank is 10 gal. and was set up around the beginning of June

Using a Topfin 20 filter (the Topfin 10 doesn?t pump enough gph)

The tank, I guess, is STILL cycling with ammonia. During the cycling I was changing about 20-30% daily to keep the levels down, and using Prime for the changes.

There are no meds and no new fish.

Tank has one fish, an oranda who measures about 2-2.5 inches with out her tail included.

Thanks for any help.

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